Pros / This software monitors software installation in real time.

Cons / Full Uninstall doesn't feature a file recovery tool.

 Verdict / While this uninstaller tool is missing a few extra features we found with other software, Full Uninstall is still more effective than Windows add/remove software since it lets you force uninstall software.

Full Uninstall from ChemTable helps to rid your computer of applications that weren't completely removed during uninstalls. This uninstaller software even works to remove junk files and the pesky adware toolbars that sneak onto your system. Furthermore, when this software scans your system, it analyzes changes made to the software during installation and tells you what you can remove and what you should keep. You shouldn't depend on this software for recovery issues as it does lack the ability to back up files, but Full Uninstall is efficient at cleaning off your hard disks.

Full Uninstall offers a forced uninstall option for files that scans don't pick up. The forced uninstall tool lets you specify the file path of the program you want to uninstall. Another advanced feature you will find is the toolbar uninstall option. Since there are loads of software packages out there that download their search bar, this is a great tool to get rid of those annoying add-ons.

When you scan your system, Full Uninstall analyzes changes that have been made on your disks. These changes come when you install or update any of the software on the computer. This uninstall software then tracks the modifications that are made during installation instead of making lists before and after installation, saving you time. The lists show you what changes should stay and what you can remove. This uninstall tool has a number of other features, such as the search function which simply lets you find programs you don’t know how to find. This search function has various filters for your installed programs so you can pin down the ones you need to remove more easily.

When you perform an advanced uninstall, a restore point image is automatically created and set for possible future system restorations, which is useful for your registry and any hardware drivers. The one big setback with Full Uninstall is it doesn't back up any of your files or offer any file recovery services. You should pay close attention to what files you are removing, because once Full Uninstall removes them, they're unrecoverable.

ChemTable's support page has a community forum that is vast with answers and questions. We found that users are very active on the forums and give suggestions to programmers about what kinds of tools to include in future releases. You will probably find answers to all your questions on the forum, but you can also email the company with any further questions and they will respond quickly.

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Full Uninstall is very simple to use and extremely effective. This uninstall tool removes toolbars and adware, and it rids your disk of junk files and removes files in batches. The real-time monitoring tracks any changes during installation, creating a list to show you what needs to be removed and what can stay. There is no file recovery tool with Full Uninstall, so you should pay close attention to what you are deleting after you scan your computer.

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