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PC Decrapifier Review

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PROS / The customer service reps quickly respond to questions.

CONS / This software doesn't go much past file removal. It can't back up your files, retrieve accidentally deleted files or monitor your system.

 VERDICT / PC Decrapifier will remove any files like bloatware or internet files, but that's it. If you are looking for software that offers monitoring and powerful backup tools, look at some of our higher ranked products.

PC Decrapifier is a great tool for anyone looking to do a batch uninstall or scan an entire hard drive at once. This uninstaller software works well to rid your machine of annoying pop-ups or all the bloatware that comes pre-installed on PCs. PC Decrapifier does work more as batch uninstall software so you aren't given as many options to pick if you want to work with deleted, junk or internet files. But the process is clean and provides extra room on your hard drive.

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PC Decrapifier has two ways that you can remove files from your computer: an automated list and a manual remove list. The automated list is quicker, once you have set up what you want the program to look for. You will have to go through your computer and see what and where the files are that you want to delete. The manual removal list displays all of the applications in the system. It's just a list and Decrapifier won't tell you what you should remove, but it gives you a faster way to remove files than going through and selecting files yourself. This feature allows you to save these files to an auto-remove list, making these files a priority next time you scan.

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The biggest setback with PC Decrapifier is its monitoring and backup tools, which are sparse at best. When you run either the manual or automated scan, you can set a restore point before running the program. The problem is this is the only thing you can do and this won't bring back any files you accidentally removed, but it can be useful for driver issues. There are no registry backups or file backups, so make sure you aren't clicking any boxes that will remove files you want to keep.

PC Decrapifier is effective with file removal. But should you run into trouble and seek help from the manufacturer, you can expect quick and personal responses from company representatives. While we were testing this software, we were constantly in contact with the reps and received replies to various emails in less than 24 hours. The problem with their support is that email is the only way to communicate. There are no FAQs, forum or blog to find answers.


PC Decrapifier has a long way to go before it can break from the pack. While it is effective at removing batches of files and creating restore points, those points are for driver purposes and the software won't back up any files. They also need to improve their website by offering FAQs, a blog or any other content for reference. Luckily, you can expect immediate help via email if you are using PC Decrapifier.

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