Pros / A multi-level backup system creates restore points before each uninstall and makes backups of your registry each day.

Cons / The FAQs portion of the REVO site doesn't answer many questions.

 Verdict / Revo Uninstaller Pro declutters your hard disk and automatically backs up and monitors your files, keeping your computer running smoothly for years.

TopTenREVIEWS - Gold Award - Awarded for excellence in design, usability and feature set
TopTenREVIEWS - Excellence Award - Awarded for excellence in design, usability and feature set

Revo Uninstaller Pro is the perfect solution for getting rid of hard drive clutter and speeding up your computer. This uninstaller software can effectively remove any type of program you have on your computer, maximizing your disk space and helping maintain a fast computer. Revo not only removes those leftover files that the Windows add/remove tool leaves behind; it backs up your registry, files you want to remove (just in case you change your mind later) or Revo will completely clean all the files off of your hard disk and earns our Top Ten Reviews Gold Award.

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Uninstall & Clean

What we love most about Revo is the details it gives you when you're looking to remove programs. The add/remove uninstaller in Windows tells you a little about each application on your hard drive, such as date installed or date last used, but Revo goes beyond this. When you open up the uninstall menu, you will see information such as program properties, registry entries, links to the manufacturer's website and any file extensions associated with the application. Revo will automatically remove all extensions for you when you use it to delete a program, and it can also show you any leftover files from other applications you have already removed using add/remove.

Another useful feature is Hunter Mode. Hunter Mode is a drag-and-drop feature, allowing you to drag a program icon and drop it onto the Hunter icon. The program will then be completely removed from your computer. Removing programs using your operating system's add/remove tool is not this simple. You need to go into add/remove and find the file you want to remove, and sometimes you have to go back to your desktop and find the shortcut then remove that – yet it will still often leave remnants of the program behind. Revo is easier to use and will delete every trace of any program you want to remove.

There are loads of other uninstall features you get with Revo. For example, there is a Junk File Cleaner. This tool specializes in removing temporary files, such as the ones you acquire when browsing the web. You will also find an evidence remover included with this program.


Revo Uninstall Pro goes beyond removal of applications. You can have peace of mind knowing that the uninstaller will monitor your system at all times. From the moment you start installing a program, Revo uses real-time monitoring. It detects changes in the system during installation and alerts you if the program uses outside sources to install. This gives you the power to determine whether you want to continue with the installation or manually make changes.

Every time you boot up your computer, certain applications load automatically, slowing your startup time. Revo's Autorun Manager lets you enable or disable applications from auto-starting. This tool shows detailed information about the files, such publisher, description, launch path and the status of the application. Stopping unnecessary programs from running at boot-up will help Windows load faster.


Even if you accidentally delete files you meant to keep, Revo has your back. This software takes steps not only to back up the files before removal, but it will also back up your registry and let you choose restore points. This is the same as System Restore within windows, giving you a safe haven to go back to.

From the day it is installed, Revo begins its multi-level backups. Once a day, Revo makes a full registry backup, and then every time you want to uninstall something, it will make another full registry backup and create restore points. Backup Manager helps you manage backed-up information stored by Revo after the deletion of any files

Help & Support

Revo Group serves up a full platter of product documentation for their software. Since uninstaller software isn't a common application used on a daily basis, there are several user manuals located on their site. These manuals go into more depth on how to remove files and, more importantly, what files you should be on the lookout for when uninstalling.

You also can view several videos, actually seeing how to use the software. The FAQs section is quite small, but it covers everything you need to get the most out of your computer. And if you have any doubt on the product, look at Revo Group's testimonials about their uninstall software.


Revo Uninstaller Pro is the best software for removing, backing up and monitoring files on your computer. Whether your computer is older or fresh out of the box, this uninstall software will speed up your system. Revo monitors your software as soon as you install it. When you are loading up new programs to your computer, real-time monitoring keeps your system free from unnecessary files that you normally would have to delete later. And with a multi-level backup system and concrete customer support, you can keep your computer running, even when the its newer model is released.

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