Pros / The software features fully portable installation for a USB drive so you can take it with you.

Cons / The software lacks the ability to back up your files before removal.

 Verdict / This uninstall software is a reliable removal tool. You can use it to scan for junk files and prevent programs from booting up during Windows startup.

Whether you have a new PC or a system that has been around for several years, there is bound to be some belly fat that Uninstall Tool can trim for you. This uninstaller software uses a real-time installation monitor and features a startup programs management tool. Our Top Ten Reviews Bronze Award winner was made by programmers who know your computer needs more than just add/remove software. Uninstall Tool scans and cleans the deepest part of your hard drive, which gives you more space and a more optimized computer.

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Uninstall & Clean

Uninstall Tool rids your computer of any applications that unneeded, preinstalled or future installations put on your system. The program exists entirely within itself so it won't have to be installed onto your computer and it can be carried on a USB drive.

After the scan, a log will appear showing a list of applications, toolbars, startup items and shortcuts that Uninstall thinks you can get rid of or turn off. The log shows the icon of the software, the size, when it was installed and how often it is used. This is especially useful since the log actually shows you what you are using and what you can remove. There is also an option in Uninstall Tool to trace certain programs. This means when you install a program, this software will trace everything the application creates on your PC in real time. When you uninstall a traced program, the uninstall wizard completely removes all of its content from your hard disk and Windows Registry.

Uninstall Tool is one of the few programs that introduces an uninstall wizard. This wizard allows you to completely remove unwanted software without relying on the default settings of Uninstall Tool. You can still use the uninstall software manually, but the wizard option can save you a few steps. Unfortunately, this software doesn't have any Windows tools such as Disk Cleaner, Defragmenter or Control Panel.


A Windows startup manager is included in the monitoring features of Uninstall Tool. This manager tool not only enables you to disable or remove any startup entry from loading during bootup, but you can actually add new programs to the startup sequence as well. The benefit to this option is there are some programs that you may want to be ready to run as soon as you start Windows. The startup manager also lists detailed status information about every application that loads during startup. If an application runs at bootup but then shuts off right away, generally you can disable it so it doesn't run during Windows startup.

The startup manger also is very help at finding possible spyware/adware programs that secretly run during Windows startup. This software also features real-time monitoring of any new installations.


Uninstall Tool features extreme effectiveness with monitoring and removal, but lacks a few of the features for backup. The program will let you create system restore points, but will not back up any files before removal. We hope to see an improvement on this feature with later releases since Uninstall Tool is so effective with optimizing your system. While this may seem like a setback, not backing up files only means you should pay closer attention when selecting what files to remove.

When you initially scan your computer, Uninstall Tool checks your registry for broken links, or software that was not properly installed. After the scan, Uninstall will search the internet for a solution or you can choose to remove the program. This is a great way to optimize your Windows Registry.

Help & Support

Uninstall Tool takes pride in getting you the answer when you need it. The forum on has numerous posts from its users, who are very active on the forums. These posts cover everything from monitoring to startup to completing batch uninstalls, and you can expect quick replies. There is also an email for direct contact with a representative.


We love Uninstall Tool. This software is very effective with adware removal and getting rid of junk files. The uninstall wizard helps you coast through the removal of programs and the optimization of your registry. The portability makes it easy to take with you from home to work. We hope to see better backup options in the future, but since this is nearly the only missing feature, we recommend getting this uninstall software to speed up your computer.

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