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Pros / This uninstall tool has a file shredder feature which lets you completely remove any files, especially ones that are confidential.

Cons / We weren't able to get any type of response from customer support.

 Verdict / Your Uninstaller is as good at removing bloatware and unused files as any other software. There aren't any available upgrades, however, and the customer support is lacking.

Your Uninstaller from URSoftware will uninstall any app completely and speed up your PC. The interface is easy to use, easier than other pieces of software we looked at, which means quick removal on even the most complex jobs. Your Uninstaller also features hunter mode, a one-click uninstall mode that removes any unwanted programs. This uninstaller software doesn't offer as much on the side of monitoring and backup – important safety nets in the event you delete something you shouldn't – but grouping programs can make it easy to avoid deleting anything you don't want to.

There are hosts of files you gather from downloading and installing software and just browsing the web. Your Uninstaller not only removes these files, but it lets you group together applications based on size, date or publisher. The software is already easy to use. Upon opening, the program will display your computer's installed programs as a list of icons, which makes it easy to select what you want to remove. Then it's easy to remove anything you don't want anymore.

A few standout tools of Your Uninstaller are Startup Manager, File Shredder and Autofix. Startup Manager lets you stop certain programs from running during the initial startup of Windows. File Shredder is a type of evidence remover, making it impossible for anyone to access files you have removed. The Autofix tool goes into any application, finds out if it has been corrupted or was never correctly installed, and fixes any problems. These three tools work together to help your system run as smoothly as possible.

Your Uninstaller doesn't go very far with its monitoring features. This removal tool will monitor scans as it looks for software to remove, but that's it. The uninstall tool also lacks Windows startup optimization, which we would like to see in the next version.

One thing Your Uninstaller does for your system is back up files and registry. As it cleans up files and registry keys that past uninstalls have left behind, this uninstaller tool creates restore points for accidental deletion of files or drivers.

Your Uninstaller drops in rank due to the lack of customer support. Unfortunately, we were not able to get a hold of the manufacturer during our testing process. While the software is effective, the customer assistance is not. You can go to the manufacturer's support center and browse the knowledgebase and FAQs, but there is no phone number and their email support appears to be unresponsive.

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    76.67 %


Your Uninstaller is efficient at removing bloatware, cleaning up junk files and giving your system the boost that it needs. We hope to see an improvement on monitoring features, and we were unimpressed by their customer service, but the software is easy to use and has dynamic tools like Startup Manager and File Shredder to help speed up even the oldest computers.

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