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Increase product exposure and credibility with a professional, informed, low cost video review.
Video product tours Increase sales' conversion by as much as 35%
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Publish product review on your site and use it in digital marketing materials.
Show you've earned it
TopTenREVIEWS now offers video reviews of award-winning products. Professional, informed and affordable, a video review presents products in a more compelling format than text alone. An independent study shows video product tours increase sales by as much as 35 percent.

As an unbiased third-party producer, video reviews provide the information consumers require for purchase. We've used it, we've reviewed it, and the video review clearly establishes the product's award-winning attributes.

Video reviews will be displayed as part of the review page on, posted to video sharing websites where the TopTen brand is recognized and valued. Further, clients may use the video review in its entirety on their site and as part of a digital marketing campaign.

The video can be used for marketing and branding efforts as well as:

  • A tool to spread your message about your software, web service or product
  • Include with promotion of other services or products you may offer
  • Display in retail stores promoting your software, web service or product
  • 3rd Party endorsement of your software, web service or product
  • Complement Telemarketing
  • Use in your emails
  • Use with direct mail campaigns
  • Trade Shows
  • Banner Advertising
  • PDA's
  • TV and Cable Advertising
  • Add to Signature Line
  • Feature on your Website
  • Promotional CD's

Components of the Video

  • Script is based off of the written editor's review that appears on TopTenREVIEWS
  • Length of your video usually 2 - 3 mintues in length
  • 3rd party endorsement of your award winning status with TopTenREVIEWS
    • Gold Award
    • Silver Award
    • Bronze Award
    • Excellence Award

Your video is created in house by our Video Division comprised of experts in the Video production industry. Video requests are fulfilled in the order received. Production time is 10 days. Please submit a video review request to

For additional questions or to request a video license of your reviews or other product related videos such as product tours, visit our Licensing and Reprints page.
Good Company
Other companies already Licensing TopTenREVIEWS Videos.
"Adding the TopTenREVIEWS video review of The Reader's Edge speed reading software has been very helpful to our company. Having the video directly on our site allows our users to quickly see a great third party review, from a trusted review source, without leaving our website. We definately recommend the video review to anybody that has the opportunity."
            - Lance Leishman
              The Literacy Company
"We've found the TopTenREVIEWS video to be very effective in converting sales. The level of professionalism and strong script that nails the value propositions, make the video a powerful selling tool. Having an independent reviewer produce the video gives a level of credibility to the sales tool that an internally produced video can't match!"

            - Pete Nourse - Marketing Director
"Featuring the TopTenREVIEWS video reviews of our award winning products, PC Backup Pro and Digital Rescue has been very helpful to our company in providing a cutting edge communication to our users. Illustrating the videos directly on our site and email campaigns allows our users to quickly understand the product features and benefits from a prominent third party review. Without hesitation recommend the video review from TopTenREVIEWS!"

            - Lori Raygoza - Director, Consumer Channels
              DT Utilities and Syncables
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