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10 Reasons to Love Pedometers

Simply putting on a pedometer to track the number of steps you take can make you aware of your daily movements and create a desire to walk more often. The newest wave of pedometers can do more than measure your steps though. They track the calories you burn in a day and even how much you ve slept. Here are 10 reasons why you should love pedometers.

1. It used to be really, really difficult to track your steps

Pedometers were first credited in America to Thomas Jefferson. Called the  Tomish Meter,  the pedometer worked with the uses of a large pendulum. This was improved by a device in Japan called the  Manpo-Kei,  but still used interior lead balls that would strike the walls to count. Modern pedometers are less heavy and far more accurate.

2. They use tri-axis accelerometers

Instead of the bulky and inefficient pendulums, the best pedometers use what are called tri-axis accelerometers. These are special because they work both horizontally and vertically. This means more accurate biofeedback and better tracking overall.

3. They hold you accountable

Although this was alluded to earlier, being held accountable with a pedometer cannot be stressed enough. The newest generation of walking pedometers allows you to set up health and fitness goals along with your purchase. When you reach milestones, the device will cheer you on, or if you haven't met them yet it will encourage you to keep going.

4. They get you moving

Most people using step meters find that the device creates simple, healthy shifts in their everyday routine. Instead of trying to carry all the groceries in at once, for example, you may take more trips. You will likely consider taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Every little change means a healthier lifestyle.

5. They can track your water levels

Some new step counters will measure how often you take a drink of water and have a meter letting you know how close you are to your optimum level for the day.

6. They re pretty cheap

You could go with more complex devices that have advanced benefits and features, but if you simply want to track your daily steps, you could get an accurate pedometer for as little as a few dollars. You can also help keep your kids more active without worrying they ll break an expensive device.

7. They re compatible with your computer

If you re a data geek, smart pedometers give you all the data you want. You can graph your stepping progress, show your distance over time, or keep a count of your calories burned all through your desktop computer.

8. They re social

Advanced pedometers work with your smartphone and connect you with a network of friends. You can add friends and keep track of each other. It also adds a competitive element so you ll want to move your way up the leaderboard.

9. They help you with your diet

Some pedometers go so far that they will help you log what you eat every day. These step counters have barcode scanners, food databases and even save your most common meals.

10. They don't have a limit

The first pedometers made would only count your steps up to 10,000, the recommended daily amount, before resetting. The newest pedometers provide unlimited counting. As long as the pedometer works, it will count your steps as long as you re still moving around.