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Six reasons to rent a car

Car rentals allow you to live a different life for a day. Often our car options are constrained by our family size or budget, but for special occasions or a bit of fun it can be a great idea to rent a car. The best car rental services will stock any kind of vehicle, from trucks for moving home to fancy high-end cars to let you test drive a life of luxury. 

1. Wedding day luxury

You've probably seen the scenes in movies where a newly wedded couple rides off to their honeymoon in a fantastic vehicle. You can do that too, no matter what your wedding budget is, by renting a car instead of buying one. Most rental car services offer convertibles and luxury cars that will make your guests' jaws drop during your cinematic exit.

2. A hot date

Impress your partner by whisking them away in a smooth set of wheels. Whether it's a journey to your favorite restaurant or a road trip to a breathtaking sunset spot, renting a car is a fun way to mix up your daily routine and show off your spontaneity. 

3. Road trip

There are several reasons to rent a car for a long road trip:

  • You save wear and tear on your own car
  • You avoid adding mileage to your personal car's odometer that would depreciate its value.
  • You can save money by choose a rental car that gets better gas mileage than your own car.
  • A smart rental choice can keep you and your travelers comfortable by providing more seating options and plenty of room for your luggage.

4. Add some space


(Image credit: Subaru)

If a road trip is not your style, you'll still need a way to get around after you get off the plane. Renting a car is often more cost effective than using a cab to get around and it is much more convenient than having family members or friends drive you around while you're visiting their city. If you have visitors or temporarily need a car with a larger capacity, consider renting as opposed to relying on Uber. 

5. Moving home

Whenever you need to move or need to help a friend move, try renting a moving truck from a car rental office. Renting a truck will save your vehicle from dings and scratches, and give you more room to transport items, which equals fewer trips and less gas.

6. Take a test drive

Considering buying a new car? Trying out a rental version is a great way to familiarize yourself with the pros and cons of any car, before you make the big investment. It also gives the whole family a chance to offer feedback and try the new wheels for comfort, and you can test the little things which make a big difference, such as fitting it into your parking spot or driveway and going for a spin on the highway to test its power.