AC Lens Review

AC Lens is a clean and easy to navigate online glasses and contact lens store. It carries an appealing variety of frame and lens options, so you can find eyewear to suit your needs.

Our Verdict

AC Lens offers 70 name-brand frames, which puts it a little below average compared to the best online stores we researched. However, the choices are stylish and attractive, and the website makes it easy to find what you want. AC Lens is also our best overall pick for contact lenses because it has low prices, lots of brands and tons of accessories like eye drops and contact solution.


  • This website earned an A+ in our price comparison test
  • It has a notably good selection of children's frames and reading glasses


  • There is a $99 spending minimum to get free shipping

AC Lens has 15 years of experience selling eyewear online, and its website is easy to use and find what you need. It has a wide selection of both glasses and contact lenses and manages to excel at selling both, as well as a variety of accessories like cases, eye drops and contact lens solutions.

We reviewed AC Lens by examining how well it fared when selling glasses as well as contact lenses. We've separated the review into sections so if you only care about how well AC Lens does as an online glasses  site just scroll down the page. If you're interested in finding out about contact lenses then just read on. AC Lens is the best contact lenses site we reviewed.

AC Lens Contact Lens Review

AC Lens has contact lenses at a reasonable price combined with all the other eye care essentials you may need. The big selection means you won’t have to shop anywhere else for you or your family to see clearly.

AC Lens review wide contact lens selection

(Image credit: AC Lens)

When we evaluated contact lens websites, we counted brands that have several lines of contacts once. For instance, while Air Optix has the Aqua line, Colors line and several others, we only counted Air Optics once. Using that method, AC Lens has 44 different brands of contact lenses to choose from. This is the most brands any website offered, tying with the only other site selling that many, Discount Contact Lenses. Whether it’s Acuvue, FreshLook, Proclear, Ultra or any Bausch + Lomb contact, they're available on AC Lens. There is also a plethora of contact styles to meet almost any need, no matter how unique. There are bifocal and multifocal lenses, colored contacts, toric contacts and various disposable lenses. There are even a bunch of Halloween-themed ones so you can look like a vampire, zombie or wolf.

On top of that, AC Lens has one of the bigger selections of colored contacts we've seen. At the time of our evaluation there were 24 different kinds to pick from ranging from the more toned down ColorMax Grey to a vibrant Impressions Violet, both by Orion Vision. AC Lens even sells RGP contacts. Also known as GPs or rigid gas permeables, they don't contain water like soft lenses and are slightly harder and thicker. In our review process, we discovered this kind of contact lens isn't commonly available online.

AC Lens also has a price match guarantee accompanied by a discount. While every price match program has rules and stipulations, if you find your contacts for sale at a lower price, AC Lens will match that price. On top of that, you’ll receive an extra 5 percent discount.

While that might not sound like a lot, it’s leaps and bounds better than the websites that don’t have a price match program at all. We also did a price comparison across websites and AC Lens earned an A+. In this comparison, we looked at the prices of three specific boxes of contacts not including any sales or promotions for buying in bulk. Of the three boxes of contacts we considered, AC Lens sold two of them for the lowest price.

AC Lens review bestselling contact lenses

(Image credit: AC Lens)

One of the downsides to AC Lens is the $99 spending minimum required to get free standard shipping. Other websites, like Coastal and Walmart Contacts, offer free shipping on all orders regardless of how much you spend. You can expect your contacts in about five to seven business days depending on how long your prescription verification process takes. 

Custom lenses will take longer, as is the case on all the websites we reviewed. If you get the wrong order, you have one year to return unopened contacts. You can also return defective lenses simply by following the steps outlined on the website. And speaking of the website, while it's not the prettiest design we've seen, it is easy to navigate. You can live chat with customer service if you need help, too.

Along with contacts, AC Lens sells eyeglasses, sunglasses, reading glasses and eye care products like solution and drops for every kind of eye. There is even a selection of eye care vitamins, safety glasses and swimming goggles, though we noticed some of these products were a little pricey. For example, a tube of mascara for people with sensitive eyes costs more than $20. If you’re in the market for some less common eye care products, like eye scrub, AC Lens has it. The selection and contact lens prices at AC Lens made it our best overall pick of contact lens providers.

AC Lens Glasses Review

We searched for glasses in a few different styles on each site we researched, and AC Lens was one of the top four stores for the variety of frames it carries in those categories (read our full guide to buying glasses online).We found plenty of the most popular frame types, shapes and styles on the AC Lens website. You can choose full frames as well as rimless and semi-rimless styles. In addition, there are a few unusual frame shapes available, including aviator and wrap, though there are also plenty of traditional-looking rectangle, round shapes and oval frames.

Because AC Lens has such a good selection, it should be easy to find frames that flatter and fit you. In addition, you can apply a number of filters to your search, including frame type, shape, style, color, material and brand, to help you narrow down your choices. 

AC Lens glasses options

(Image credit: AC Lens)

This site has a noticeably good selection of reading glasses, and it breaks them down by brand and a few frame types, so they are easy to sort through. It also has a great selection of children's frames, ski goggles, protective eyewear and swimming goggles so is a good option for families.

AC Lens carries about 70 frame brands, which is about average for the online eyeglasses vendors we researched. The store’s selection includes quite popular brands such as Ann Taylor, DKNY, Guess, Lucky, Kenneth Cole Reaction, Timex and Vera Bradley. It would be helpful if AC Lens had a virtual try-on feature like and, but it does not.

AC Lens review frame options

(Image credit: AC Lens)

You can select from a variety of extra lens features to make your eyeglasses more comfortable for your eyes, but only the scratch-resistant and UV-protective coatings are included in the cost of your frames. Other extras, like light-adaptive or thinner lenses, cost extra, as do such features as the roll-and-polish edge finishing.

Unlike with contact lenses, free shipping comes standard for all glasses ordered, and the turnaround time is fast – about five to seven day for standard shipping. You can pay extra for expedited shipping, and AC Lens ships internationally. In addition, you can track your order online. You have 365 days to decide whether to keep your new glasses or return them for a refund, which is certainly enough time to know if they are the right lenses and frames for you.

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