Ambr Eyewear review

Ambr Eyewear is an award-winning company that's on a mission to stop digital eye strain.

Ambr Eyewear review
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Ambr is an award-winning company whose lenses block out blue light. Ambr sells a slim range of prescription options.There are a limited number of frames available, but they look smart and modern.


  • +

    Blue light filtering to suit you

  • +

    Tidy website

  • +

    Fun ‘try on’ tool

  • +

    Free worldwide delivery


  • -

    Very limited range

  • -

    Limited prescription options

  • -

    No try at home

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Ambr Eyewear is not a general eyewear retailer, but instead a purveyor of blue light filter lenses that has branched out to offer a slightly wider service. It makes our list of the services that provide the best eyeglasses online with a focus on health and sleep. By now you’ll have heard of blue light pollution from monitors and screens. Ambr Eyewear sells blue light filtering specs to counteract the effects of blue light. 

The website is simple and effective, but the range of styles is small because of the brand's specifically narrower focus, and so it doesn’t have all the optional extras. You also won't find the best contact lenses online, if you switch between eyewear types. 

In our Ambr Eyewear review, we look at what the company offers, its shipping, refunds and returns policy, and what existing customers have to say. For further eye health content, take a look at our guide to the best vision insurance companies.

Ambr Eyewear review: How it works

  • Amber filter as standard
  • Non amber color available
Ambr Eyewear: Key Figures

Year founded: 2017

Pricing starts: $9

Delivery time: 4-7 business days

Ambr presents itself as a general eyewear retailer, but the name is a clue. Amber is the color of the lenses that have been used to block blue light in the past. Their lenses are no longer amber (unless you want them to be), but they still block the blue light which scientists are now saying is harmful to our health. 

The lenses are glare and UV resistant as standard, and the blue light filter comes in a variety of strengths and flavors, including sunglasses, sleep glasses, and transition lenses. For a larger range of frames, read our EyeBuyDirect review.

You can buy prescription and non-prescription versions of each product, with the ordering process being fairly simple and straightforward. There's also free worldwide shipping, so you won't have to pay extra to get your Ambr frames shipped to the States. 

A protective case and cleaning cloth is included with your purchase, and when you head to checkout you'll do so through a service called You will be asked for your email address, billing and shipping information, and contact number before being able to pay for your order. A receipt of purchase will be emailed to you.

Ambr Eyewear review: Pricing and payment

  • From $119
  • UV and scratch resistance as standard

Ambr Eyewear review

(Image credit: Ambr Eyewear)

Ambr's pricing structure is another example of its trademark simplicity and transparency, as most frames in each range (blue light, sun, sleep, and so on) start from the same base price and increase from there, depending on what lenses you opt for and any extras you apply.

The Ambr Blue Light range is the most basic, while the Ultra range, designed to 'filter almost all blue light, which aids melatonin production and better quality of sleep' increases the starting price further. 

You can also buy Ambr products targeted towards protecting your eyes from sun damage (UV and blue light protection), with the most expensive products being the Transition lenses, which are light responsive. If you just want new lenses for old favorite frames, also check out our Lensabl review.

Should you buy from Ambr Eyewear?

Ambr Eyewear has a very specific focus on eye health, and is primarily concerned with making products that reduce the amount of blue light pollution your eyes are exposed to on a daily basis. 

Now, the jury is still out on whether blue light lenses are needed, but that hasn't stopped people from buying them in their droves in an effort to boost their production of melatonin at night to help them sleep better. We'd like to see more of the science behind this, but user reviews are praising of the Ambr range, especially the Blue Light, Ultra, and Sun products. 

If you feel you want something more generalist, and aren't too worried about blue light exposure, read our GlassesUSA review for a retailer offering an expansive range of vision care products.

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