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Ambr Eyewear review

Ambr Eyewear is an award-winning company that's on a mission to stop digital eye strain.

Ambr Eyewear review
(Image: © Ambr Eyewear)

Our Verdict

Ambr is an award-winning company whose lenses block out blue light. Ambr sells a slim range of prescription options.There are a limited number of frames available, but they look smart and modern.


  • Blue light filtering to suit you
  • Tidy website
  • Fun ‘try on’ tool
  • Free worldwide delivery


  • Very limited range
  • Limited prescription options
  • No try at home

Ambr Eyewear is not a general eyewear retailer, but instead a purveyor of blue light filter lenses that has branched out to offer a slightly wider service. It makes our list of the services that provide the best eyeglasses online with a focus on health. By now you’ll have heard of blue light pollution from monitors and screens. Ambr Eyewear sells blue light filtering specs to counteract the effects of blue light. 

The website is simple and effective, but the range of styles is one of the most restricted and doesn’t have all the optional extras offered by some of its rivals, such as FramesDirect or GlassesUSA. In our Ambr Eyewear review, we look at what the company offers, its shipping, refunds and returns policy, and what existing customers have to say. 

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Ambr Eyewear review: How it works

  • Amber filter as standard
  • Non amber color available
Ambr Eyewear: Key Figures

Year founded: 2017

Pricing starts: $9

Delivery time: 4-7 business days

Ambr presents itself as a general eyewear retailer, but the name is a clue. Amber is the colour of the lenses that have been used to block blue light in the past. Their lenses are no longer amber (unless you want them to be), but they still block the blue light which scientists are now saying is harmful to our health. 

The lenses are glare and UV resistant as standard, and the blue light filter comes in a variety of strengths and flavours, including sunglasses and transitions.

Ambr Eyewear review: Pricing and payment

  • From $119
  • UV and scratch resistance as standard

Ambr Eyewear review

(Image credit: Ambr Eyewear)

Felix and Iris’s pricing structure is another example of its trademark simplicity and transparency. If your lenses are simple you pay $119. Bifocals cost more; readers cost less. There are the standard range of lens options, tints and protections which all add to the price, but they’re clearly labelled as optional and skipping them takes no time at all. 

The site takes Paypal as well as offering a regular secure checkout, again, great for slightly more mature internet users. Felix and Iris is well placed in the middle of the pack as far as pricing goes, not a super-budget company, but definitely not a fly-by-night, gone-tomorrow outfit either.

There are options to pay with FSA or HAS as long as they’re in the form of credit cards payments, which in practice means you pay and then negotiate with your insurer for a refund. 

All insurance is dealt with in the same way. There’s a helpful 1-800 number where you can call and be told the same thing: "No, claim it from your insurer". Good old fashioned, useless customer service.

Ambr Eyewear review: How it works

  • Try at home frames
  • Online smart sizing

You might not know about it from its site but Felix and Iris does offer a ‘try at home’ service of the kind that Warby Parker made famous. It is there, advertised on the front page, but it’s buried amongst the rows and rows of frames, looking like a two-inch square apology. 

It’s not the company’s Unique Selling Point, they’re not shouting it from the rooftops. But it’s nice to see it being offered, even in a quiet and subtle way. If you’re buying something as personal and subjective as eyewear over the internet, the ability to really road test the frames is quickly becoming standard, and expected.

To guide you through its range of frames, Felix and Iris has provided you with a simple and quick quiz. Input your preferences, a little bit about your face shape and size and… your results are ready. 

The only trouble with the process was that changing our preferences didn’t seem to radically change our suggested frames, all being a very similar tortoiseshell half-framed number that would have gone brilliantly with our dad’s pipe and slippers. I could select Modern, Classic, or Scholarly, all with no visible change. Disappointing, to say the least.

Should you buy from Ambr Eyewear?

Pitched unapologetically at the more senior end of the online shopping market, Felix and Iris feels like a modern relic. Its style is down-home, simple and clear. Its range is great, as long as it has what you need. 

It puts its family values front and centre, ahead of the mod cons and optional extras that other sites offer. Its shopping experience is quick and painless and prices, while not keen, are a very comfortable idle of the road. 

We would recommend Felix and Iris to our grandmas, who would coo at the very modernity of it, then go to the bricks-and-mortar optometrist she’s been using since forever. First choice for technophobes and slipper jockeys.