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Apple rumored to announce a low-cost iPhone in March: Is iPhone SE 2 on the way?

Apple rumored to announce a new low-cost iPhone in March: Is iPhone SE 2 on the way?
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The latest iPhone is usually a desirable, cutting edge piece of tech, but is often one of the most expensive on the market. However, reports suggest that Apple is set to bring out a new, lower-cost iPhone model as early as March. Some are calling this new handset the iPhone SE 2, following the discontinuation of the smaller, more affordable iPhone SE in September 2018. Rumors suggest it'll cost less than $400, much like the original SE.

MacRumors has suggested that this new low-cost iPhone will feature a 4.7-inch LCD display and a touch ID home button instead of the face ID of the iPhone 11. There’s also set to be 3GB of RAM and a single-lens rear camera. Visually, the low-price iPhone will resemble the iPhone 8, first launched in 2017, but it will feature Apple’s current up-to-date processor which can be found in the iPhone 11. That could well place it among the best smartphones of 2020, if the price is right.

Constant developments in the hard-fought smartphone market often prioritise new, cutting-edge features over affordability. The eagerly-awaited Galaxy S11/S20 apparently had its pricing leaked today, with the most expensive model costing an estimated $1300. Business as usual for Samsung, then, who bring out flagship Galaxy models each year while offering lower cost versions of their phones to provide real choice for Android users.

Whilst some are set on having the newest smartphone technology on the market, many would rather skip out on the shiny extras like face ID, wireless charging and large glass displays in favor of a cheaper, up-to-date model. Whilst the iPhone 8 is still on the market, it retails for $449 when bought new, higher than the iPhone SE when it first launched. If you're looking for one of the best smartphones for seniors, for example, you don't want as many features or gizmos.

 How much will the new iPhone cost?  

Althought Apple hasn't confirmed or commented on any of these reports, MacRumours suggests that the new iPhone SE 2 will launch at the same price as the original SE at $399, allowing iPhone users to update their phones without the high prices that can come with upgrades these days. 

Apple is also working on its newest line of high-end iPhones, which will feature 5G support to connect to faster networks. It has also been predicted that this phone will have a shiny new 3D triple-lens rear camera system and faster processors. It's likely to cost a lot, but whilst the up-front handset costs of many smartphones can be intimidating, there are still plenty of ways to get an iPhone at an affordable cost.

As we reported recently, the iPhone 6S is currently only $99 with Sprint. For those more concerned with getting a recent model, there’s also an 18-month lease on the iPhone 11 for only $15 per month. Pair that with one of the best cell phone providers and you’ll be all set. 

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