Intelius Review

When buying a background check, it’s important to get the most complete information possible, and Intelius’ reports are some of the most comprehensive and accurate we saw.


Our Verdict

Intelius’ reports contain important, useful information and are well designed. As such, it is a good site to use to run background checks.


  • Reports are thorough and complete.


  • You can’t download copies of the reports you run.

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When buying a background check, it’s important to get the most complete information possible, and Intelius’ reports are some of the most comprehensive and accurate we saw. It also has reasonable prices and subscription and single-report buying options, making it a better option than Spokeo for complete background checks and our choice for the top company overall.

To get an idea of what Intelius’ background checks include and how accurate they are, we purchased reports for three people and had them review the information to check for mistakes. We were pleased to find that Intelius is one of the most reliable background check services.

Generally, a background check includes information about a subject’s addresses, email accounts, phone numbers and relatives. More comprehensive reports include information about criminal records, court judgements, marriages and assets. Some also include details about work history and social media accounts.

Our reports from Intelius were the most up to date and among the most accurate. They listed current email addresses and phone numbers for most of our subjects, including some entries other services omitted. However, Intelius was more inconsistent than other sites we tested. Depending on whose report we looked at, some sections were sparsely populated with data – this may be due to the states the people live in.

Intelius successfully found information about legal matters. For example, its report listed an LLC registered by one of our subjects, which most other background checks we ran missed. It also listed assets owned by our subjects, along with estimated values.

The areas Intelius was most inconsistent in were marriages and addresses. In some reports, it didn’t include any information about the subject’s marriage, even though everyone we purchased reports for is married. It also consistently included incorrect addresses alongside the accurate ones. One of our subjects moved recently, and their new address wasn’t listed, so the reports may not reflect changes made in the last six months. Intelius’ reports can include information about social media accounts, though it didn’t find any during our tests.
Intelius has pretty standard prices. A single background check costs $49.95, which is the highest price we saw, though many other companies charge the same rate. You can purchase a scaled-down report that doesn’t include criminal or legal information for $3.95. A subscription costs $29.95 a month and may be worth paying for if you need reports for multiple people. One disadvantage of Intelius is you can’t download the reports you pay for, though they save to your account so you can access them later.

We also evaluated how easy it is to search for people on the services’ sites. Intelius was one of the easiest to use, and we had no trouble finding our subjects, no matter how common their names. There are options to filter by middle name and city, which narrows results significantly, especially when searching for people with common names. However, there isn’t a blank or null option in the filter. As such, if you’re looking for someone who doesn’t have a middle name, you can’t use that information to narrow your results. You can also search by phone number and email address.

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