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If you need to run multiple background checks, then it’s worth paying for a PeopleFinders subscription.

PeopleFinders review
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A subscription is a good choice if you need to run multiple background checks, and PeopleFinders has the best plan.


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    PeopleFinders has one of the lowest subscription prices.


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    Reports don’t include social media or work history information.

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If you need to run multiple background checks, then it’s worth paying for a subscription – instead of buying each report individually you can save significantly by paying for monthly access. Thanks to its combination of affordability and good report quality, PeopleFinders is the best subscription service in our list of the best background check services, beating out other options like TruthFinder and BeenVerified.

To compare background check services, we purchased reports for three people and had the individuals vet the information for inaccuracies. PeopleFinders was above average, including generally accurate and up-to-date information in its reports.

A good background check includes information about email accounts, phone numbers, addresses and relatives as well as legal data such as court records, criminal judgements, marriages and any assets owned. PeopleFinders found most of this information, though its email and phone number sections were sometimes incomplete. It also didn’t find marriage records for any of our subjects, all of whom are married. However, it located some information other services didn’t include, such as an LLC registered to one of our subjects.

One of PeopleFinders’ drawbacks is its reports don’t include information about a subject’s social media or work history. Also, the reports aren’t as well organized as others – for example, information isn’t presented in chronological order.

A subscription to PeopleFinders costs $24.95, which is less than other subscription services charge. You can purchase single background checks for $39.95 each, which is about average. Scaled-down people search reports, which don’t include legal information, cost $1.95 each. It costs 50 cents to download the reports you buy.

It’s easy to use PeopleFinders’ search tools, and we had no trouble finding our subjects, even those with common names. You can include middle names, states and cities to narrow the results. PeopleFinders also lets you search by phone number and email, which can help if you only have one of those pieces of information and want to use it as a jumping off point.

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