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Be a Star on YouTube: The Essentials you Need to Launch your Internet Video Debut

Video share sites like YouTube, Google Video and a plethora of others have become some of the largest Internet time wasters to date, and have provided an easy way for everyone to get their 15 minutes of fame. All you need is a camcorder, computer, some simple software and some Internet savvy.

1. Get a Camcorder: Before launching your directorial debut you need a camcorder, we suggest investing in a hard drive or micro drive (flash) camcorder that can plug directly into your computer or one that supports Mini DVDs that can be placed directly into your DVD drive negating the need for plugs.

2. Find Something toFilm: you can choose to write a script and pretend to be Spielberg, review your favorite piece of technology, capture the kids doing something funny, candidly capture a joke played on a co-worker or have a major “Brittany” meltdown (a la Chris Crocker, you know that guy got offered his television show). It doesn’t really matter what you film, but funny or dramatic usually works best.

3. Get Software: Video editing software helps you edit your video, add music, simple effects. Most computers, PC and Mac, include some basic video editing software already installed. PC includes Windows Movie Maker and Mac has iMovie. These are basic programs, but if you are looking for something with a few more features and a little more “umph” maybe look into Adobe Premier or PowerDirector.

When you are finished editing and placing the final touches on your masterpiece remember to save it in a common audio and video format, this will save you miles of headaches later. To be on the safe side just save the audio as MP3. Common video formats include WMV (Windows Media Video), MOV (Apple Quick Time) MPEG and AVI.

4. Register on YouTube: Yes, you can watch movies on YouTube without registering but in order to post videos you have to register with the site. No worries, registration is free.

5. Upload: There are many technical restrictions when uploading your video, probably too many to talk about here, mostly having to do with bitrates and such. You’re still new, don’t try anything fancy. Simply, save your video in a compatible format and the YouTube uploader application will take care of the rest.

6. Tags:
Ok, you’re almost finished. After uploading your video don’t forget to include a description of your video and place tags. Tags are keywords that people can use to find your video. Just because you titled it one thing try to think of other ways people would search. General terms relating to the content of your video are always best. For the Chris Crocker video about Brittany Spears tags included, “Leave Brittany Alone” and “Brittany Guy.” Simple, yet effective.

The reason YouTube is so popular is because it is easy to use. The hardest part is filming and editing your videos. Camcorders have come a long way from extensions of the camera capturing birthday parties and little league games, now they can make you a star.