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Best Baby Wraps of 2019

Best Baby Wraps of 2019 - Newborn ‘Sling’ Carrier

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With a cuddly – but wiggly – new baby, you probably wish you had more hands to keep your little one safe and warm while you complete everyday tasks. A baby wrap is a solution that satisfies both those needs.

We've collected information about a variety of baby wraps. The slings we feature differ by attachment method, supported holding positions, features and price. Further, some are easy to put on straight from the box, while others are essentially large fabric slings you arrange around your body. The wraps come in a variety of fabrics to keep your youngster comfortable, no matter the season. Also, top-notch manufacturers provide clear instructions and videos about how to use your wrap.

Boba Wrap Grey

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After watching the useful how-to videos, you can wrap this 5.5-yard swath of gray cotton knit fabric around you and you can tie it just right so it holds your baby safely. You can adjust where you tie it to accommodate your child's growth. There is a tiny amount of spandex (5%) woven into the cotton so this wrap is a little stretchy. That helps with breastfeeding, and you can be sure it holds your baby comfortably and fits nicely around your body. This comfortable wrap is machine washable, and it can hold babies ranging from preemies up to 35-pound youngsters. Some parents struggle with the length of the wrap, the process of arranging it and wrapping it to suit different positions for the baby. However, the manufacturer's videos – and practice – can help with those difficulties.

KeaBabies Baby Wrap Carrier

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The comfy KeaBabies Wrap Carrier offers something many baby wraps do not -- different colors. You can choose from a light gray, medium gray or black. This baby wrap is made of cotton with 5% Spandex woven into it so you some stretchy flexibility. It can handle babies weighing 7 to 35 pounds. This baby sling, like many others, involves some arranging that might seem overly intricate at first, but watching the manufacturer's videos can help immensely. This also works well as a breastfeeding cover, and moms might like the belly support it can provide for a postpartum tummy. This also comes with a 100% money-back guarantee if you are dissatisfied for some reason. Plus-size parents might have to tie the wrap in back rather than in front, but if you arrange it right, it will fit.

Kids N' Such Wrap

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This versatile baby wrap lets you arrange this 5.5-yard length of fabric so your baby is supported by the fabric sling alone. Conversely, you can shift your child slightly to one side and artfully pull fabric through two metal rings to arrange it into a different, but still secure position. Learning how to adapt this with the rings might take some extra time and effort, but gives you more baby-carrying options. In addition, the fabric length might be troublesome if you're a petite parent and you might have some fabric dangling from the sling down even if you've wrapped it correctly. The upside to this baby wrap is that this can easily accommodate a plus-size parent. This machine-washable wrap can hold a baby weighing between 8 to 35 pounds, and its cotton and Spandex (5%) fabric breathes nicely so you and baby won't be uncomfortably hot even when you're snuggled so closely together.


If arranging a traditional baby wrap around your body is a hassle, this baby sling is the answer for you. You just take it from the box and put it on -- it's already "wrapped" and ready to go, although you do need to adjust a few things here and there. To ensure it fits right, you'll need to consult a size chart that ranges from XXS to XL, and a woman needs to base the size on her pre-pregnancy size. This wrap comes in three colors and six sizes, and you also get a carrying bag that you can turn into a sash with a handy pocket. You can choose from five carrying positions for your child and it can handle any baby from a preemie to one that weighs 35 pounds.  This is half soft cotton and half cotton-mesh so you get quite a bit of stretchiness. However, this doesn't "stretch out" to the point where it changes size, so you'll need to get the right size from the start. This is not only machine washable but you can put it in the dryer as well, which is helpful.Baby K'Tan

Moby Wrap Classic

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This popular baby wrap is made from cotton, so the fabric is soft, comfortable and absorbent, and you get a choice of 23 colors. Moby makes several kinds of wraps, but its classic is a lengthy piece of fabric that you wrap and crisscross on your body to create to make a snug baby pouch that is comfortable for you and your child. This does not employ any rings or buckles, and there is no padding. You can drape and tie this 6-yard piece of cloth around you, and it can cuddle a preemie and then be adjusted as the child grows up to 35 pounds.

You get considerable variety as far as baby-carrying positions, so you can place your baby facing you, looking out, on your side or even on your back. This comes with a helpful instruction booklet and video showing how to put the Moby Wrap to work. This wrap's thickness – which helps make it durable – also means it can get hot. In addition, the length can be a challenge for some parents when it comes to arranging all that fabric around them. The good news is that a plus-size parent or a mom with an ample bosom won't have worry about getting this to fit around their bodies. It is machine washable.

Cuddlebug Baby Wrap Ergo Carrier Sling

This soft baby wrap is made for a newborn as tiny as just two pounds and it can be adjusted over time as baby grows up to 35 pounds. It is made primarily from cotton with a bit of Spandex to give some flexibility and, with 5 yards of fabric, it is generously sized for you and baby. On the other hand, a short or very lightweight parent might feel a bit overwhelmed by so much fabric. No matter what size you are, you'll need to watch the instructional video and take some time to learn to arrange and tie it correctly so that it's comfortable and safe. This machine washable baby wrap comes in six colors and your baby can be positioned looking toward you or outward.  Moms can pull part of it over the chest area for easy and modest breastfeeding, and can tie it around a mending postpartum tummy for some support. You get only 30 days to see if you like it, but if you don't, you can get a full refund.Cuddlebug

BabyWombWorld Carrier

This helpful baby wrap uses two steel rings that you slide the fabric through as you arrange the wrap on your body to make a secure nest for your child. You can adjust the straps on this wrap, which means that other family members who are bigger or smaller than you can use this sling to carry the baby and still have it fit them securely. It also provides five different positions so even the fussiest baby can find a comfortable way to snuggle up for the ride. One drawback is that it accommodates babies up to only 30 pounds, rather than the 35 that other baby wraps we reviewed can manage. This is made from a single layer of cotton and Spandex fabric so it's light, but once in place, there are "side" sections that are padded so it feels comfortable on your shoulders. You get only a 60-day return period with this sling, but you can get a full refund if you don't like it.BabyWombWorld