The Best Fire Alarm Systems

Why Buy a Fire Alarm System?

During a daily business or school day, there is no way to know what hazards you will face. Whether accidental or intentional, fires cause great amounts of monetary damage and pose a threat to those in the area. Using a fire alarm system in your structure helps to minimize the overall effect by notifying anyone in the building and surrounding area to call for emergency assistance, preserving more of the structure from burning and ensuring the safety of guests since they have time to leave before the fire worsens.

Some of the fire alarms offered include the Cooper SM87PBL Push Button Fire Alarm Call Point, the Honeywell Ademco 6160CR-2 Commercial Fire Alarm, and the ADT Fire Alarm and Smoke Monitoring System.

Fire Alarm Systems: What to Look For

As you browse through the various models available, there are some different options within each to make your selection simpler. Each of the models offers different programming options to handle the particular coverage areas. To control these specific spots, the control panels for each system vary to customize your zones and often include emergency buttons. The control systems feature several different types of displays, providing another option that helps you distinguish between the choices.

Each of the fire alarm systems has different programming built in. For those with specific zones, they vary from as few as three zones to over 200, depending on the available spots for you to install the alarms. Some are already pre-programmed with built-in zones but are expandable to add more in that range. This is a major factor when you consider the size of the area you need to secure. Larger areas will require more covered zones.

All of the fire alarm systems come with a keypad to dial into the various sensors and to program your different areas. However, some are backlit or have LED lighting to make it easier to see what you are typing. Within these keypads, they have different status functions for the whole system. Though not all of the models list the various status functions, the most often used are to activate the system and show it is armed. Other buttons and options they have include an indicator in the event of an actual fire, a power switch, a deactivate button and programmable circuits for your own setup.

In the event of an actual emergency, the color of the main panel helps you and others to find it quickly. The panels with these alarm systems come most popularly in red, leaving a bold color that stands out for fast identification. They are also available in stainless steel or black, which can be more difficult to see than the red.

Having a fire alarm system in your commercial space is imperative to keeping yourself and those around you safe at all times and helping to alert occupants as to when they need to evacuate to stay safe. Take a look at the fire alarm systems offered here to make the best choice for your area.