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Best light bulbs

Best light bulbs
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LED light bulbs have been available for several years and are just as good at providing bright light as traditional incandescent. In fact, they’re better because they use less energy, last years longer, and don’t contain dangerous materials like mercury. You'll need a specific type of bulb for dimming lamps or smart lighting, too. But we’ve got you covered with the best of these types, plus standard LEDs, for both indoors and outdoors.

Best overall

LEDVANCE LED light bulbs

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The LEDVANCE LED bulbs are seven times more energy-efficient than traditional incandescent bulbs, plus they last longer, too. They will easily burn for 11,000 hours. These bulbs are both shock and vibration resistant, which means if there are any sudden jolts or bumps, they will keep burning. And they're shatter-resistant, so most accidental slips and drops shouldn’t cause a mess. You can use the LEDVANCE light bulbs in both indoor and outdoor light fixtures.

Best value

SYLVANIA LED light bulbs

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SYLVANIA daylight bulbs

Energy efficient

The SYLVANIA daylight bulbs shine as bright as 60-watt options but use significantly less energy to help keep costs down. These LED bulbs will last for 7,700 hours of continual use, which is the equivalent of 320 days, almost a full year. If you don’t leave the lights on, they can last you seven years before needing to be replaced. Please note that these light bulbs don’t work with dimming lamps.

Best dimming bulbs

Linkind dimmable light bulbs

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Linkind dimmable light bulbs

Choose your brightness

The Linkind dimmable light bulbs are made to work with dimming, three-way lamps. They turn on instantly rather than requiring a few seconds of warm-up time, plus there's no humming or buzzing. The bulbs work like a 60-watt but use less than 10 watts of power. If not used continuously, these LED bulbs could last up to 13 years before burning out. 

Best smart bulbs

Philips Hue Ambiance light bulbs

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Philips hue ambiance bulbs

White and color display

The Philips Hue bulbs display in both white and in just about any color you’d like. These savvy lights can be controlled from your smartphone or with a home device like the Amazon Echo. Through the mobile app, you will find hundreds of pre-entered hues and tones, along with instructions on how to add more colors that match images or television pictures. These light bulbs are good for both indoor and outdoor use.

Know before you buy

Several years ago, incandescent light bulbs began to be replaced by more energy-efficient LED bulbs. At first, they struggled to shine as bright, so users were more hesitant to use them. Now LEDs are very bright and use 85 percent less energy than incandescent. The majority of LED light bulbs can be used for both indoor and outdoor light fixtures. Note: you will need a specific light bulb for specialty fixtures like dimming lamps.

Smart bulbs are one of the best advances in light bulbs. They connect with specialty bases and sync with mobile apps that allow dim and project colored light. Hundreds of pre-set hues can be used, but smart light bulbs can also be programmed to match the colors of objects or images and saved for use.

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