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Best office chair

Conference room with office chairs
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Good office chairs are designed to offer support and comfort for anyone who spends long days at a desk. Some are made especially for gamers. All provide relief and higher levels of comfort with adjustable features that reduce neck, back, and wrist pain.

Best overall

High-back office chair

(Image credit: Amazon)

Amazon Basics high-back executive chair (opens in new tab)

Low risk of tipping

This Amazon Basics office chair is large and plush without being too bulky. This chair has adjustable height and tilt and holds up to 275 pounds.


  • Low risk of tipping
  • Fully padded
  • Five-start caster wheel design


  • No lumbar support
  • No neckrest

This professional-looking chair sits on top of five caster wheels in a star shape that reduces the risk of tipping while you move to and from your desk. This is especially helpful when you lean back a bit because it keeps you steady the entire time. While this chair has executive styling, the entire office can easily enjoy its comfort for a long time. There isn't any designated lumbar support, nor is there a headrest. However, the back is fairly tall and the full padded chair does give spinal support by helping you naturally sit in a proper position to reduce neck and back strain.

Best value

Neo Chair mesh office chair

(Image credit: Neo Chair)

Neo Chair swivel desk chair (opens in new tab)

Customizable and supportive

Despite the simple design, the Neo Chair gives you real support and comfort while you work. The mesh back helps with airflow, so you don’t get hot, but also has some give so your weight is evenly distributed across the backrest.


  • Good airflow
  • Lumbar support
  • Evenly distributes weight


  • No back or armrest padding

Its extra-thick seat prevents you from feeling the frame and is a generous 20 inches between the armrests. You can even adjust the chair's height and back support to ensure you don’t injure your lower back or lumbar. The back is designed to give added support to the lumbar area of your back without adding extra bulk.

Best for gamers

Homall gaming chair

(Image credit: Amazon)

Homall gaming chair (opens in new tab)

Cushy design for supreme comfort

The Homall gaming chair has a lot of extra padding and support to ensure your comfort during hours and hours of gameplay. This includes three backrest positions that can be locked into place and an adjustable seat to raise and support the knees.


  • Multiple positions
  • Lumbar and headrest pillows
  • High back


  • Assembly required

The headrest and lumbar pillows are both adjustable to give support exactly where you need it. The frame is made from extra-thick steel, and the overall design looks fun and professional. Though made for gamers, this is still an excellent choice for general office use, too. You do need to assemble this chair, and while there are instructions on how to do this, some people have found the overall process just a little frustrating.

Good back support

Amazon Basics Ribbed Executive office chair

(Image credit: Amazon)

Amazon Basics ribbed executive chair (opens in new tab)

Great for long-term sitting

The Amazon Basics ribbed office chair is so comfortable you can easily and comfortably sit through long meetings without worrying about lower back pain.  It's padded just enough and the back is pretty high to support even extra tall individuals.


  • Tall back
  • Ribbed design
  • Back and lumbar support


  • No headrest

The padded ribs apply pressure up and down your back and not just in the lumbar or lower back region, though the lower part protrudes just enough to ensure optimal comfort and support for the lower back. The chair swivels and can be adjusted up and down, plus it’s set on five caster wheels to keep steady as you lean back or scoot to and from your desk. There isn't a headrest, though.

Best yoga chair

Best ergonomic chairs: Gaiam Classic Balance Ball Chair

(Image credit: Gaiam)

Gaiam Classic balance ball chair (opens in new tab)

Comfort and exercize

Gaiam’s Classic Balance Ball Chair offers a more stable version of a standard balance ball. It uses the same type of ball used in gym workout routines but comes with a back support bar and four wheels (two of which are locking) to promote proper sitting.

  • Helps you stay active when sitting
  • Promotes proper sitting posture

  • Takes some getting used to

Designed with the help of a chiropractor, Gaiam's ergonomic office chair with a twist claims to offer all-day ergonomic support while you sit at your desk. It helps alleviate the discomfort that comes from sitting at a desk for extended periods. The Classic Balance Ball Chair is recommended for users between 5’0” and 5’11” and can be comfortably used at most desks. It will take some time to get use to using this chair in place of a standard office chair, but it really is comfortable.

Best executive chair

La-Z-Boy Trafford Big and Tall Executive Office Chair review

(Image credit: La-Z-Boy)

La-Z-Boy Big and Tall Trafford (opens in new tab)

Holds up to 400lbs

The La-Z-Boy Trafford Big and Tall Executive Office Chair is designed with high levels of sitting comfort. This includes Flexible AIR lumbar technology that adjusts as you move so you don't feel jarred when moving or getting up.


  • Ideal for heavy and tall bodies
  • Design promotes good circulation
  • Reduces sitting bone pain


  • Expensive

The seat is plushed because it's stuffed with ComfortCore Plus memory foam. This provides ample cushioning during longer working shifts. The La-Z-Boy Trafford Big and Tall Executive Office Chair also has a ‘waterfall’ seat to promote better blood circulation in your legs, and to reduce pressure on the back of your thighs. The weight capacity goes up to 400lbs, making this ergonomic office chair a great option for taller, heavier frames. 

What to look for in an office chair

If you have a desk job, you do a lot of sitting, so it’s important to choose an office chair that fits you.  Along with height adjustability, there are several other things to look out for when choosing a chair. Here is what we suggest.

Height adjustable
If you are tall or petite, then make sure the chair can go low enough or high enough so you can get your feet comfortably on the floor with your thighs parallel.

Lumbar support
Check if the chair comes with lumbar support as this will be crucial for good spine health. Ideally, this lumbar support should be adjustable to suit your posture.

The chair should have good maneuverability with a 360-degree swivel and wheels too. This is essential for helping you get to all areas of your desk with minimal strain. For desk-side stretching, we'd also recommend a chair with flip-up armrests so you can stretch sideways as well as forwards and (with a recline function) backward.

Extras such as breathable material and extra cushioning on the seat are also preferable to make sitting on the chair for extended periods more bearable.

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