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With powerful voice-controlled AI, the best smart speakers help you get your day to day jobs done and control smart home devices like smart thermostats hands-free. They also help you keep on top of the news, in contact with your friends, and entertained with the best audiobook services, or music and podcast services like Spotify. They also connect to your mobile devices, like cellphones, and let you play your amplified music lists. Here are some of the top smart speakers available. 

Best overall

smart speakers

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Sonos Move

Super auto-calibrated sound

The Sonos Move is the best smart speaker for overall awesomeness with no need to compromise with Google Home, Amazon Echo, and Apple’s AirPlay all available once connected to your home’s Wi-Fi. The six-microphone, far-field array hears your commands from anywhere and the speaker's Class-D amplifiers sound superb. The Move also has TruePlay which is smart self-tuning that calibrates the speaker when it detects it's been moved, so as to create the best sound for the space it is in.

Best for newbies

smart speakers

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Amazon Echo (4th Generation)

Enhanced sound quality

The Amazon Echo is one of the best smart speakers out there. The seven microphone array hears your commands every time and understands even the oddest of mutterings. Control music, the smart home or ask questions to Alexa. The fact it looks good too is just a bonus. The speaker itself features impressive bass and good balance is great too for pumping out great audio. It supports Bluetooth, WiFi, and has a 3.5mm port. Multi-room support, intercom between Echo devices, and voice calling are just a few of the many features this speaker brings. 

Best for bass

smart speakers

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Marshall Stanmore II Voice

Loud, quality sound

The Marshall Stanmore II Voice is a stunning looking and sounding smart speaker. It is designed to look like the cab of a Marshall amp, making it instantly and iconically recognizable. It packs in bassy, rich, powerful, and well-balanced audio on a wide soundstage that does even the most complex tracks justice. The Alexa smart assistant is built-in, so this can be used as a multi-room speaker, as a voice-controlled assistant or simply to play music with vocal commands alone. 

Best for bedrooms

smart speakers

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Amazon Echo Dot with Clock

Speaker and clock in one

The Amazon Echo Dot with Clock adds to the fourth generation Dot with an LED display that shows the time and when asked the current temperature. It also comes with a touch-sensitive top making it the ideal bedside alarm clock that you can tap to snooze. The Alexa LED light ring helpfully lights before the alarm so you can wake before even hearing the noise. Beyond being a smart alarm clock this is a fully-fledged Alexa voice assistant with controls for the smart home and music as well as answering questions and more. 

Before you buy a smart speaker 

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One reason we’re so passionate about the best smart speakers is because of how accessible they are. While there are some pretty impressive, and expensive models out there, most are not priced out of reach, while still offering all the versatility and features of far more expensive models.

This raises two key points to consider when choosing your best smart speaker:  ecosystem and your audio requirements. The first is down to if you favor Google, Amazon, or Apple; the Apple HomePod is essentially locked to Apple devices. Google and Amazon-based speakers on the other hand will happily work with most manufacturer’s devices and tend to support more third-party smart-home devices, with Amazon having the largest ecosystem of extended add-ons. 

But thankfully the best smart speakers aren’t limited to just the big-tech companies. So, if you appreciate good audio then companies such as Sonos and Marshall offer smart speakers that work with Alexa or Google Assistant while delivering superb sonic capabilities. There are even mobile options so you can take the party to the greatest outdoors!

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