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Hatch Restore Sound Machine
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The best sound machines for babies and adults, also known as white-noise generators, are ideal for helping you to create a restful environment for sleep and relaxation. Not only do sound machines promote good sleep, but they're also great for focus, creativity, and even relief from tinnitus symptoms. Simply place the machine in your bedroom, office, meditation space, or wherever you need to relax, and let the sound work its magic. 

Best overall

Dohm Classic Sound Machine

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Marpac Dohm Classic Sound Machine

Uses a real fan

The Dohm Classic Sound Machine offers an analog solution with the sound coming naturally from an internal fan (minus the blast of air), rather than relying on the digitally created sounds used by other devices. The tone can be adjusted by twisting the device. The volume is also adjustable. 

Best value

Magicteam Sound Machine

(Image credit: Magicteam )

Magicteam Sound Machine

Super-affordable sound machine

This smart-looking sound machine has plenty to offer for its impressively low price. It has 20 non-looping noise options that include ocean waves, birds, log fires, and rain. The Magicteam Sound Machine also has a timer that sets the device to run up to five hours or continuously throughout the day or night. There is also a memory function. 

Best portable machine

HoMedics SoundSpa Portable Sound Machine

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HoMedics SoundSpa

Sleep in new surroundings

The HoMedics SoundSpa Portable Sound Machine is a great lightweight option for traveling or for taking to the office, should you need to focus at work. It uses batteries or plugs into a wall socket for full versatility for when you’re on the move. The six natural sounds is enough to help you or your little ones relax away from home. 

Best for babies

Baby Susher Sound Machine

(Image credit: Baby Shusher)

Baby Shusher

Shush your baby to sleep

The Baby Shusher, which recreates a parent's 'shushing', is consistently touted as a ‘miracle worker’ by parents, and the best sound machine for babies. This noise generator helps babies settle down at home, in the car, or out and about in the stroller. The Baby Shusher has two timer options and an adjustable volume. 

Best for white noise

LectroFan Evo Sound Machine

(Image credit: LectroFan)

LectroFan Evo White Noise Machine

Multiple white noise sounds

The LectroFan Evo has 10 different white-noise settings with precise volume control to help you get exactly what you need for a peaceful environment. There are also other 10 fan noises available, as well as two natural additions of ‘ocean’ and ‘surf’. 

Best for kids

Reacher R2 Sound Machine

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REACHER R2 White Noise Machine

Colorful white noise generator

The Reacher R2 Sound Machine combines sound with light to make bedtime, playtime or just relaxing extra-fun for kids. There are 31 sounds to choose from including seven different fan sounds, and 17 natural sounds. The light functionality is ideal for anxious sleepers, with an easy-to-operate dimmable night-light. 

Best for sleep

Douni Sleep Sound Machine

(Image credit: Douni)

Douni Sleep Sound Machine

Noise never looked so good

The Douni Sleep Sound Machine has 24 soothing sounds including ocean waves and thunder, lullabies and fetal tones, and seven white noise settings. seven white noise settings. It also looks the part with a stylish woodgrain-effect design. The timer is handy as a meditation aid or to help you focus on a task during the day. 

Best with a night light

Hatch Restore Sound Machine

(Image credit: Hatch)

Hatch Restore Sound Machine

A more relaxed bedtime

The subtle light colors of the Hatch Restore Sound Machine offer a soft glow that’s ideal if you want to read before bedtime. There is also a sunrise alarm that simulates the natural light cycle of dawn as you wake. This sound machine works with a free companion app so you can set the hue of your light and the white noise sounds. 

All about sound machines 

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Sound machines are one of our top recommendations for enjoying better sleep. The best sound machines come with a library of sounds ranging from calming ocean waves to the background hum of a fan, based on ‘white-noise’ frequencies. They can be easily customized and controlled at the touch of a button for your sleep style and body type. 

The best sound machines come in various shapes and sizes, depending on whether you're buying one for babies or adults. In fact, there are plenty of settings specifically for babies and young children to help them settle. In fact, plenty of parents rely on white noise to help their babies sleep. Some sound machines also come with a ‘heartbeat’ setting, which infants can find comforting.

The best sleep sound machines are great for all ages, and most are lightweight and compact, making them ideal for including in your luggage if you're sleeping away from home.

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