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The Best Vacation Rental Management Software

Why Buy Vacation Rental Management Software

Vacation rental management software and cloud programs offer a variety of features for organizing and managing your rental income, maintenance, tenants and accounting to help you keep up without hiring someone else to help you manage your property. Cloud options often allow you to integrate online booking and digital management and to connect directly to websites to help you manage calendars and rental periods. While not a substitute for a real accounting or property manager, a vacation rental manager can help you to handle the work by yourself so that you can keep more of the profit from your rentals. Vacation rental software options, including Streamline, Kigo and Escapia, offer features like online booking, QuickBooks integration and reporting to help you streamline your vacation rental management.

Vacation rental property management software can help you with everything from accounting to online booking, which makes it important to decide what you need before you start looking for an option.

Vacation Rental Management Software: What to Look For

With multiple features, different types of accounting software and various module options such as QuickBooks, vacation rental software can vary quite a bit. The following features can help you with choosing software or a cloud program that suits your needs.

Website Integration
Website integration allows you to connect your vacation rental management program to your website so that it automatically updates when someone books a rental online, checks out online or pays online. This is extremely convenient because it automates several processes and can save you time. If you do not have a website, then you do not need the feature, otherwise it can be valuable.

Cloud Compatibility
Vacation rental management works well as software but cloud programs offer access from any device, including mobile. This allows you to quickly access and check reports, bookings and payments at any time during the day so long as you have internet. You can also get live updates with cloud platforms because they connect directly to the internet.

Accounting functions including rent management, bills, maintenance management and tax management are valuable features for holiday rental software. Because accounting functions can save you money, ensure that you know whether you're making a profit or not, and allow you to figure out taxes and how much money you have to set aside for maintenance and repairs, these are some of the most valuable features you can look for.

Reports consolidate all of your data from the previous week or month to give you updates on your accounts, rental property status and tenants. While not all vacation rental software offers reporting, it can help you with reporting for taxes, help you with accounting and ensure that you stay on top of everything.

Add-ons or modules allow you to purchase and add additional features to your vacation rental management software. Common options include accounting options such as QuickBooks or reporting add-ons. If you want to add additional features to your management program or think that you might need additional features, a program with available apps and modules is a good choice.

While there are several different options to choose from when looking for vacation rental software, you can narrow down the options by looking for features that suit your needs and website.