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Best White Elephant Gifts of 2019

Best White Elephant Gifts of 2019

To choose the perfect gift for your white elephant exchange, you need to gauge your audience. If your group has a fun sense of humor, get something ridiculous to add to the party's hilarity. If your group is a little more serious, get something that is useful and maybe just a little tacky. Or get something ridiculous anyway and see how your serious friends react.

Usually, the person hosting the white elephant will choose a price range for everyone to follow. We've provided several gift options for different price ranges for both comedic and useful gifts. If you want to make opening your gift especially funny, consider wrapping it in a Prank Gift Box. There are multiple prank boxes to choose from, each with an absurd, but hilarious premise.

Ridiculous Gifts Under $5

MadLibs are a fun and mainly silly social activity. Whoever gets this gift might want to start playing the minute they open it. Have sassy friends with dry humor? Consider purchasing this Sarcastic Pillow. It will fit right into their bedroom or living room. We knew Fidget Spinners were going to be a short-lived fad the minute they came out. Now that the fad has come and gone they are one of the tackiest and most inexpensive gifts you can give. Finally, and perhaps the most ridiculous gift you can get for under $5, Bacon Mints. Each mint produces a smoky, minty flavor that will provide loads of laughter when opened.

Useful Gifts Under $5

If you're wanting to give a more useful gift that doesn’t cost too much, instead of a hokey one, you've come to the right place. Leegoal Guitar Bottle Opener is a lighthearted gift that looks cool and will help your buddies open their favorite drinks. Have friends who like home décor? The Umbra Casa Tissue Box Cover helps hide an unpleasant looking Kleenex box and turns tissue into smoke escaping a cute little chimney. If your friends like to work around the house, they will find the Magnetic Wristband a welcome addition to their tool box. It can keep screws, nails, screwdrivers and other small metal objects within reach during projects.

Ridiculous Gifts Under $10

All My Friends Are Dead is one of the funniest picture books of the last decade. This is a great present for anyone who has a somewhat morbid and raucous sense of humor. Don't worry, it's a hilarious gift for people of all ages. If you're wanting something for a somewhat sophisticated audience, Tequila Mockingbird is a hysterical book filled with book-themed drinks for your buddies to try. Where would we be if we didn't have a bathroom humor gag gift? Potty Putter is a hilarious white elephant gift for anyone with a fun sense of humor. They can sink holes while spending time on the throne.

Useful Gifts Under $10

A silly yet useful gift is the LightBowl, an LED nightlight that goes in your toilet. When a friend unwraps it, it will bring loads of laughter. This light is motion activated and glows in eight different colors. A fun utensil for pizza lovers is the Bicycle Pizza Cutter. It comes in red, blue, yellow and white, so you have some colors to choose from. Since we're on the topic of novelty pizza cutters, check out this ThinkGeek Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter. It is definitely more than $10, but its design demands attention from everyone in the room. Got some Shakespeare buffs at your party? Get these Shakespearean Insult Bandages that literally help you add insult to injury. They’re hilarious and witty, as only The Bard can be.

Ridiculous Gifts Under $20

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An Awkward Family Photo Calendar is the gift that gives laughs for a full year. Your friends might just fight over it during the white elephant exchange. Whether you're happy about it or not, the fanny pack is back. Fortunately, someone had the foresight to create this ridiculous Dad Beer Belly Fanny Pack that gives you an automatic dad belly the minute you buckle it on. If nothing else, I bet the sight of a large, fleshy belly will keep thieves from stealing from you. One of the best ways to share a happy outlook with others is with the Funko Pop Bob Ross Figure. You can't help but love the happy tree painter, even if this figure is a little silly. Finally, the SoapOpera Sponge Holder is a great gift for anyone with a sense of humor. It's completely unnecessary and silly, but the type of sponge you use drastically changes the look of this kitchen accessory and will add some humor to the home.

Useful Gifts Under $20

If your friends like game nights, they'll be interested in Codenames, an inexpensive yet highly rated spy game. You can also find a Disney or Marvel version of this party game if those themes match your friends interests better. Now onto something completely different. Let's be honest, we've all thought about buying a Squatty Potty. This is the perfect gift for a white elephant. While they initially sound like a silly purchase, whoever gets it will find it helpful when they bring it home. In keeping with this bathroom humor, Poo-Pourri is honestly one of the best gag gifts you can give someone. Not only is it a hilarious thing to unwrap, but most people would be glad to receive it. It's an amazing spray that masks unpleasant toilet smells and is a great travel accessory for anyone with a frequently upset stomach. If you ever get bored, read the outside label, which is riddled with potty puns. If potty humor isn't your thing, most people can relate with this hilarious Don't Speak Coffee Mug.

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