Best Credit Card Processing Services of 2019

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The first step in choosing a credit card processing service is to identify how your payments usually come: online, on the phone or in person. Some card processors are specifically tailored to retail or e-commerce businesses, where others are more flexible in the types of transactions they handle.

Look for features that differentiate the services, including costs and how the processing overhead is divided between the customer and the merchant. With some services, there’s a monthly subscription fee in addition to per-transaction costs.

Below are some popular credit card processing services worth checking out.

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Best for Small Business


No business needs financial surprises, and Helcim delivers an effective solution where all the costs are transparently presented. There are three payment scales, one each for in-person sales, online sales and sales to nonprofit organizations. In-person costs are 0.25% plus 8 cents, and online is 0.45% plus 25 cents. Nonprofit is just 0.1% percent and 10 cents. Helcim’s plans also include monthly fees, and the amount depends on whether you accept cards in person, online or both. There are additional charges for payment reversals, failure to establish your PCI compliance for security, and changing your bank account or business name. What Helcim delivers for these fees is a system that can take POS payments using Android and Apple phones and tablets either through a hosted online store or via a virtual terminal on a computer. They also sell retail terminals and Ingenico mobile card readers, if you need those. And it also integrates to QuickBooks for accounting purposes and a vast range of third-party shopping carts for online stores. The only negative aspects of Helcim is that there are some business sectors it won’t work with, like some financial services, mystics and for-profit adoption. And the mobile card reader isn’t EMV (chip card) compliant, which is a necessity for those taking payment on the go. Overall, Helcim provides a reliable and effective service for small business owners with transparent pricing that avoids surprises.
  • Transparent pricing
  • Great shopping cart integration
  • Lacks EVM on the mobile reader
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Best for Online Businesses


Stripe is one of the best solutions for e-commerce card processing. Not only does it connect with a wide selection of shopping carts for payment processing, but it is also very easy to bind Strip into your own webpage to process a payment or donation, either with HTML or a plugin. The software interfaces with many accounting and billing applications. Such integration means sales data can flow directly into ledgers and invoices can be automatically generated, all of which reduces the workload involved in managing a growing e-commerce business. Stripe also offers a POS system – a recent addition to its offerings – making it useful for businesses that sell online but also like to sell at trade shows and market venues.
  • Excellent integration with accounting programs
  • Highest level of payment security
  • Flat payment plan
  • Developer friendly
  • 1% extra cost on international sales
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Best for Mobile Processing


Many payment processors hide the full cost of processing, but Square isn’t one of them. It offers a flat payment plan where all card transactions are processed at a 2.75% fee and invoice payments at 2.5% plus 10 cents per transaction. For online processing, you’ll pay 2.9% plus 30 cents, and keyed cards transactions are charged at 3.5% plus 15 cents. These aren’t the lowest prices around, but Square offers enough flexibility that it should work well across a range of business types, including online retailers, retail shops, restaurants and service providers. Alongside the processing service, Square has a range of capture hardware that includes a countertop register, contactless chip-and-pin, standard chip and magstripe readers. The only recurring complaint that Square customers have is that the customer service lines are only open 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Pacific time, Monday through Friday. Not having a person to contact in the evening or on the weekend could be a deal breaker for some small businesses.
  • Flat payment plan
  • Accounts integration
  • Flexibility for many business types
  • Support hours
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Best for Low Volume


Handling occasional payments for ad hoc sales can be a challenge for any business; no one wants to pass up business, even if it doesn’t come through the usual channels. PayPal has one of the most flexible mechanisms for dealing with online transactions, making it great if you only have take cards online once in a while. However, it isn’t the cheapest way to process cards, so it’s less suited if you’re doing so on a regular basis. In-person sales are charged at 2.7%, and online transactions are 2.9% plus 30 cents. PayPal does more than online transactions, though. For example, PayPal Here is a mobile card reader solution that uses a reader connected to a mobile phone. A basic card reader costs just $15, and its transactions are charged at 3.5% plus 15 cents. Plus PayPal has a selection of different EVM-compliant readers that cover chip-and-swipe, chip-and-tap and keyed scenarios. PayPal has evolved a great deal in the past few years, and there’s even have a service where the merchant doesn’t even need to have a PayPal account.
  • Flexible
  • Quick to set up
  • Expensive transactions
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Lowest Rates

Payment Depot

Price may not be your most important consideration for those who process a low volume of cards, but if you make a lot of transactions, it’s important to control costs and avoid passing high fees on to the customer. Payment Depot provides a flat fee for card processing starting at just $49 per month plus 15 cents per transaction, making it perfect for moving large ticket items. The Basic $49 plan covers $25,000 of sales per month, and it can scale up to a $199 monthly fee for unlimited volume with just a 5-cent transaction fee. The second tier, at $79 per month, includes access to a free mobile reader and terminal and it gives you $75,000 of processing with a 10-cent transaction fee. Payment Depot can be used with a payment gateway, virtual terminals, POS systems, credit card terminals and through mobile payment.
  • Very cheap
  • Excellent reputation
  • Covers most payment scenarios
  • Only accepts U.S.-based merchants
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