Apex Legal Services is a Colorado-based law firm that serves the contract law needs of small and mid-sized businesses. The firm offers contract drafting and contract review services to business owners.

As a contract drafter, Apex Legal Services has a team of contract law attorneys who work with small and mid-sized businesses to draft contacts on an as-needed basis. These types of contracts often include sale of goods, distribution agreements, business sale agreements, employment contracts, international contracts, shareholder agreements, partnership agreements, independent contract agreements, licensing agreements, commercial and residential leases, security agreements and non-compete agreements. Apex Legal Services meet with business owners to glean contract details and then customize business contracts with various clauses and provisions to meet specific needs.

Apex Legal Services also provides contract review services for business owners. The goal of this analysis is to identify potential sources of risk or liability in general and executive supplier agreements, requirements contracts, quality and warranty clauses, just-in-time delivery agreements, service contracts and various commercial contracts.

Fees for Apex Legal Services vary depending on an individual business’s needs. Mid-sized businesses that demand regular contract drafting or review services often keep Apex Legal Service on a monthly retainer. Smaller businesses and startups are able to receive contract drafting and review services on an individual, as-needed basis. The firm offers individualized contract law services at a flat fee.

For startups, Apex Legal Services counsels business owners on whether a limited liability company or incorporation will better serve their needs. A business formation specialist then works with business owners to customize and file legal documents like operating agreements, shareholder agreements and organizational resolutions to facilitate the business origination process. Then, as businesses transition past the initial startup phase, Apex Legal Services can also draft or review initial buy/sell agreements, ancillary agreements and shareholder certificates. Apex Legal Services also offers a range of contract drafting and review services related to commercial real estate. These services include title issues and real estate tax planning. Apex Legal Services provides these startup services for a flat or hourly fee.

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