Kenneth Adams works as a consultant, instructor, mentor and author in business contract law. He’s the author of the reference book “A Manual of Style for Contract Drafting,” which is now in its third edition. Adams worked as an attorney and law professor before he shifted his focus to business contracts, and today he works with a range of private companies to improve contract-drafting processes.

Some companies and law firms take a committee approach to contract drafting. Adams focuses on drafting and revising business contract templates to cut down on the time and manpower required to generate them. Contract templates can be tailored manually or via software applications to meet a specific business transaction’s requirements without starting from scratch.

Adams serves as a contract automation services consultant. Automated contract services enable companies to generate contracts with customized language by completing an online questionnaire. In an automated system, software generates a contract based on responses to a questionnaire — as opposed to a contract drafter manually selecting various clauses and provisions to include in a contract. To demonstrate business contract automation services, Adams has developed a document-assembly template that companies can use to generate a non-disclosure agreement that is tailored to their business based on responses to the questionnaire.

Adams offers a mentorship program for legal professionals who work at law firms or in corporate legal departments. Adams reviews and critiques contracts and provides feedback on an ongoing basis. The mentorship program can be engineered around a specific transaction, too. Adams reviews transaction-specific contracts and legal documents throughout the course of negotiations and provides feedback. That enables Adams to provide on-the-job training for legal staff and oversight of a specific transaction. Adams also offers public speaking events and in-house seminars that enable entire staffs or groups of specific employees to learn the fundamentals of traditional and automated contract drafting. During these engagements, Adams lectures and leads workshop activities.

Adams’ services extend to companies that want to improve traditional contract drafting and review processes and to companies that want to implement an automated contract drafting system.

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