Law 4 Small Business is a law firm that offers contract services tailored to the needs of small businesses. These services including contract drafting, contract review, contract negotiations and dispute resolution.

Larry Donahue, who has worked as a corporate attorney and a business executive throughout his career, founded Law 4 Small Business to provide small business owners an alternative to larger corporate law firms. These contract services cover each phase of the process — from negotiations to contract drafting to dispute resolution.

As a contract drafter, Law 4 Small Business works with clients to draft customer intake forms, online terms of service, partnership agreements, settlement agreements, vendor agreements and promissory notes. The firm staffs contract attorneys that work with small business owners to draft transaction-specific contract, or to draft contract templates to meet more general needs. These contract drafting-services are billed at hourly rates depending on the scope and volume of work.

Law 4 Small Business also offers contract negotiation services. Contract law attorneys serve as the point of contact during negotiations, and then work with the business owner to draft a contract. The general goals of contract negotiation services are to strengthen terms and to minimize up-front financial and legal risks.

For contract disputes, Law 4 Business offers consultation and legal document review services. After an initial review, a contract law attorney will discuss potential options with a business owner and render an opinion as to the best course of resolution. Law 4 Business can also send a demand letter to involved parties on the business owner’s behalf.

Law 4 Business also offers contract review services. Business owners can select two options. The first service entails contract review and editing to identify and mitigate potential risks. The second option is for a business owner to enlist Law 4 Business to carry out a limited contract review at a reduced rate. Contract review services include a list of potential issues and a free 15-minute question and answer session with a contract law attorney. Both of Law 4 Business’s contract review services are available for an hourly rate: $25 per page for review and editing, and $10 per page for a limited review.

Law 4 Business also drafts client intake forms for small businesses. These intake forms can be customized in some areas to reflect a business’s needs, and other areas include more general legal definitions and terms.

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