Pangea3 is a legal process outsourcing (LPO) provider that serves corporations and law firms from around the world. The company’s contract drafting services span the entire lifecycle of the contract — from contract drafting to contract dissolution.

LPO providers allow corporations and law firms to outsource legal services like high-volume contract drafting, contract management and document review. In general, the goal of an LPO is to help corporations and law firms reduce legal fees and free-up legal staff to focus on other initiatives.

As a contract drafter, Pangea3 serves law firms and corporate law departments that need contracts drafted in a short amount of time. This service is typically used for contracts like non-disclosure agreements, trade agreements, vendor agreements, lease agreements, request for proposals, telecom services, indentures and the sale or lease of goods. Pangea3 also offers contract review services after a contract has been drafted. These reviews aim to minimize risks by eliminating inconsistent or unclear contract language. Pangea3 staffs a team of business lawyers to draft and review lower-value, high-volume contracts, and it provides regular status updates to clients.

Pangea3 also provides contract management services. After a contract is executed, Pangea3 legal teams monitor its progress to ensure that deadlines are met, renewals are on schedule, electronic filings are made and regulatory reporting requirements are met. Pangea3 also analyzes and summarize key contract terms in an effort to find missing, corrupt or duplicative files. When it comes to merges and acquisitions, Pangea3 reviews documents to find liabilities, required third-party consents and regulatory approvals. LPOs that provide this type of end-to-end contact management service supplement law firms and corporate legal teams. These services ensure contract compliance and allow in-house legal staff to focus on other matters.

Pangea3 does not litigate contract law cases. It does, however, provide litigation support services to law firms and corporate legal departments that do litigate those cases. Those services include preparation and review of legal documents and fact-finding research that helps attorneys collect and organize evidence, depositions and facts into an electronic case file.