Reed Smith LLP is a global law firm that works in all areas of contract law. Pre-contract negotiations, contract drafting, contract management, litigation and conflict resolution are among the law firm’s services.

Reed Smith staffs 1,800 attorneys and business consultant in 25 offices across the U.S., Europe, Asia and the Middle East. The law firm’s global presence enables it to provide multi-jurisdictional regulatory counsel, litigation support and dispute resolution services in all facets of contract law. That includes vendor contracts, employment and consulting agreements, commercial leases, joint venture agreements, and merger and acquisition agreements.

As contract drafters, Reed Smith attorneys and business consultants work with business of all sizes — from startups to enterprises — in global industries like technology, pharmaceuticals, financial services, real estate, health care and consumer products. These contract-drafting services engage both attorneys and business consultants who draft new individual business contracts, contract templates, general terms and conditions, and concept maps that help companies organize and structure their industry expertise and strategize for future goals.

Companies that are engaged in litigation, strategic transactions, settlements and negotiations enlist Reed Smith to analyze and interpret standing business contracts. Following an analysis of contracts and other legal documents, Reed Smith has the ability to litigate cases in multiple global jurisdictions and to provide dispute resolution support in pre-trial settlement negotiations.

Reed Smith’s services also extend to contract management. Business consultants and attorneys advise clients on general contract terms like language, contract construction and interpretation to uncover efficient ways for companies to meet legal and regulatory requirements of contracts. These services may help companies that seek to revise their contract management processes gain a clear understanding of current contracts, and receive guidance on recommended changes.

Reed Smith offers services at every phase of a contract’s lifecycle — contract drafting services, contract management, litigation and contract dissolution.

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