Rocket Lawyer is a subscription-based service that provides automated contract drafting services and access to on-call legal counsel. This enables companies to generate specific business contracts and contact templates that are then reviewed by attorneys for clarity and risk management.

Companies on the buying or selling end of a transaction can use Rocket Lawyer’s automated contracts to outline the exchange of goods or services. For the sale of goods, these contracts detail purchase price, sale dates, terms for delivery, product quantity, warranties and payment details. For service contracts, automated contracts detail services provided, dates of services and terms for payment.

A network of on-call attorneys is able to review these automated contracts and offer suggested changes. Contract drafters can also pose questions to Rocket Lawyer attorneys throughout the negotiation or drafting process via online tools to ensure that contracts minimize risk.

Rocket Lawyer also provides access to legal documents required for things like articles of incorporation and service agreements. When it comes to incorporation, each state requires different legal documents. Rocket Lawyer provides access to the necessary documentation and access to a specialist who will walk you through them.

An optional registered agent service enables a Rocket Lawyer to serve as a company’s registered agent to collect legal documents and tax notifications on a company’s behalf. The registered agent’s contact information is used on government legal documents, which shields your address from third party solicitors.

Rocket Lawyer offers a tiered membership program that offers varied levels of legal counsel and access to automation contract drafting services. Rocket Lawyer allows companies to complete their first contract template free of charge. Paid membership costs range from $7 to $49.95 a month. The lower tier allows for unlimited revisions to one business contract or legal document each month, along with digital signature services and cloud storage. A mid membership tier comes with unlimited automated business contracts, advice from on-call attorneys, digital signature services and cloud storage. The highest membership tier comes with the same benefits of the second tier with the added benefit of registered agent services.

Companies that enlist Rocket Lawyer for contract law needs can also extend legal services to individual employees. Rocket Lawyer’s legal services for individuals include legal counsel in elder care, personal injury, identity theft, criminal matters, divorce, marriage, childcare and estate planning.

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