DentiMax by the DentiMax Corporation is a complete dental office management software program that features integrated digital imaging, practice management, billing and accurate scheduling. This online dental practice management software is priced right for small dental practices that need an affordable solution with as many tools as its competitors.

Designed to look and operate much like the Windows 7 operating system, this software is easy to learn and simple to navigate. You can install it on a single front-desk computer or integrate it on an office network. In case your dental office prefers not to purchase and maintain expensive hardware, DentiMax is also available as a cloud-based system.

Scheduling appointments and maintaining a proper calendar is a must for the success for any practice. DentiMax allows you to break a patient's treatment requirements into a plan and schedule them on your calendar. You can also personalize your schedule to meet the needs of your dentists and assistants.

Fully integrated with billing, this dental practice management software allows you to estimate insurance payments, bill insurance, keep track of patient responsibility and create statements. One of the benefits of its integrated account management is that DentiMax allows you to view expected and actual revenues at any given time during the month.

While DentiMax offers many features, it's somewhat slow when moving between functions. Patient information does not integrate between pages, so you may have to be re-enter information several times in order to complete a task. The software is also not designed to open multiple pages at once, and it can be cumbersome to back out of a function and start over each time. The software charges for technical support, which you should consider when calculating the overall cost of the program.

In short, the DentiMax online dental practice management software is a good choice for dental offices that are on a budget. It's not quite as efficient as it could be, but it provides all of the features you need to run a practice, and the menu list is self-explanatory, which makes it simple to learn.