The Dovetail online dental management software allows mobile accessibility, file sharing and easy notifications for patient services. Dovetail does not offer that many features as other practice management software, but the options that are available are very helpful for running a dental practice. It's also extremely affordable considering what it is capable of, which makes it an attractive option for most dental offices.

Because the Dovetail online dental management software is completely accessible online, your patients can access their accounts and make payments straight to your practice's website. The entire system is accessible from any mobile device that has internet, which makes this program an excellent option for dentists with multiple offices. The online access also allows you to share files with other dentists, making it easy for patients to switch from one practice to another.

Instant messaging is a convenient form of communication with patients. The Dovetail management software allows you to text patients to remind them about upcoming appointments and treatment programs. You can also send out notifications of late payments or when insurance payments post to the account. This helps keep patients up to date on their accounts and reduce the number of collection accounts.

In spite of the numerous options the Dovetail management software offers, it doesn't allow image integration. This means you will need to purchase and run a separate program for X-rays, and the new software programs won't merge with one another. It can be tedious and time-consuming to switch back and forth between the programs.

There is very little phone support, and it can sometimes take days for the company to return your calls for assistance. Along with the inability to integrate images, you will also have to run another program for accounts receivable, because Dovetail doesn't offer accounts receivable assistance.

Overall, Dovetail is an attractive dental practice management software solution for dental offices on a budget. While it doesn't offer some of the basic program options, there are still enough benefits of the program to help you organize your practice.