The Easy Dental office management software program from Henry Schein is an inexpensive solution to your dental office needs. The program helps you create charts, assists with scheduling, generates reports and helps with billing in a straightforward menu-driven system.

Designed for older operating systems, you can use Easy Dental management software with Windows 7 or older operating systems. It is not compatible with Mac OS X. This poses a problem for any dental office that is equipped with newer computers. For smaller offices that have older computers and operating systems, this poses a potential problem if you need a computer upgrade at some point or have office staff who are unfamiliar with older operating systems.

This office management software program offers excellent charting capabilities for patients. With just a few clicks, you can enter in notes concerning potential problems, future appointments, insurance or even past-due money the patient owes to your practice. These notes can appear immediately when you pull up the patient's page, which allows other staff members to note any issues immediately.

Easy Dental is not a web-based software program. This makes it impossible for a practice with more than one location to access all customer files. It also puts your practice at risk for data loss, because any information on a patient stored in the computer could be lost when a computer crash occurs.

While this dental office management program promises immediate customer support, the customer service experience can be disappointing with the representatives. Even after repeated requests for help, dental offices that rely on Easy Dental usually must refer to the online training and self-help information.

While you can download the Easy Dental office management software directly from the Henry Schein website for a nominal cost, the available support and software compatibility make this one of the least favored programs for medium-sized or large dental offices. For basic management tasks, the software works fine and is easy to learn.

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