Scrivener is more than just screenwriting software. Its developer bills it as "your complete writing studio." This is an apt description, because Scrivener has tools and features that help you develop, outline and research whatever writing projects you're working on. Whether you want to write a screenplay, novel or research paper, you'll find that Scrivener has a workflow that meets your needs.

This software lets you eschew the traditional corkboards, scraps of paper and handwritten notebooks in favor of keeping all your creative bits in one digital bin. Features such as a digital corkboard, outliner and reference panels make Scrivener an excellent tool for story development, ensuring that once you have an element or idea, you never lose track of it.

These tools and features give you a unique way to compose a screenplay. For example, other screenwriting programs do not offer tools to visualize sequences – or series of scenes grouped together as a single narrative tool. Parsing each piece of a sequence, knowing exactly what you need out of each bit, is a monumental task. Scrivener does an excellent job of allowing you to see the forest through the trees by helping you compose these parts of a movie in a comprehensible way.

This software's comprehensiveness turns out to be somewhat of a double-edged sword for screenwriting. While you can outline your story, develop your characters, map out each plot point and reference your research easily while you write, Scrivener has almost no features that come into play during production. Because Scrivener focuses only on the writing, you will have to convert the screenplay into a format that is compatible with the breakdown and scheduling software most producers and assistant directors use before it can be made into a movie. And if you're lucky enough to be on set while the movie is being shot and the director wants a last-minute rewrite, you can be certain you won't be using Scrivener to pen those final words.

Scrivener is an excellent creative writing suite that includes a screenwriting element. Scrivener is peerless when it comes to the tools it gives you to develop a story on your computer. However, it falls short when you leap off the page and graduate to filming.

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