Storyist is a word processing application that aids creative writers as they develop their stories, characters and plots. Its screenwriting software component is quite useful for putting all your research, plot outlines and character bios in one place. This software runs completely within the Apple ecosystem, with applications for both the Mac OSX and iOS platforms.

This screenwriting software is relatively easy to grasp for anyone who has composed a complicated piece of creative writing. The digital equivalents of physical tools that writers use, such as corkboards, character sheets and index cards, are all neatly arranged in the software's interface. In case you have trouble finding or using any of these features, Storyist provides tutorials on its website, although you likely won't need them because the software is so easy to use.

Other screenwriting programs offer similar story-development tools that can be distracting or otherwise limited in their usefulness. Storyist, on the other hand, designs its tools in such a way that they feel integral to the writing process rather than half-baked add-ons. This is entirely due to the interface, which is clean and well coded with a modern look and feel – much like you see in applications such as Microsoft Word.

With Storyist, you can take any story you're working on from your Mac to your iPhone or iPad. This makes it extremely useful when you have ideas away from your computer. If you have a burst of inspiration or need to make a note and you're not at your desktop, you can simply pull out your phone and get to work. It will be waiting for you when you get back to your workstation.

Like other screenwriting software applications, Storyist uses the Tab/Return command structure to format the script to Hollywood standards. This is great for veteran screenwriters because they won't have to learn a new system to get their formatting right.
Because Storyist isn't exclusively devoted to screenwriting, there are a few key elements missing. For example, there aren't any standard rewriting tools, such as one that locks pages for on-set revisions during film production. However, if you're rewriting to make the script stronger, you can use the notes, outline and other available tools to help with those revisions.

You can easily export both the script and the documents you create, along with images, as you develop your story and characters. The export formats include rich text, HTML, Final Draft (including the newest format, FDX), Word (DOC and DOCX), and ePub for use on eReader devices like the iPad and Kindle.

Overall, Storyist lives up to its name. It's an application for story development with an excellent word processor that has a screenwriting element. The interface is intuitive to use for creative writing. While it lacks some production features you'll find in the best screenwriting software designed solely for the purpose of moviemaking, you can export your screenplays in the formats those applications accept if you need access to their features.

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