WriterDuet is screenwriting software created by writers for writers. The software is simple, customizable and designed to help you learn quickly. The main page formats your script according to industry standards and includes additional windows for scene cards and messaging.

The main focus of WriterDuet is in its name – the software is made for writing with a partner or multiple writers. Instead of downloading a program onto your computer, you log in to the program on a browser and write together in real time. This means other writers at other computers can watch as changes happen and make their own changes. You can all write questions or comments in the messaging feature to clear up any concerns about additions and subtractions from the script.

If you started your script on another program, you can import it directly to WriterDuet online. You can also export your writing in WriterDuet to Final Draft and Celtx, other screenwriting programs. It also has a great feature that analyzes a PDF and changes the text into an editable script. This is a huge time-saver if your only copy is in PDF format.

For outlining your screenplay, WriterDuet provides several options. Notecards can be edited, colored and moved around on a virtual corkboard. All the script's writers have access to the same corkboard, so you get the feel of a writers' room without having to be in the same room. You can make changes both online and offline, and updates occur as soon as an internet connection is established.

Any edit is logged in WriterDuet, including the time, date and name of who made the edit. You will never lose work, and through the revision history, you can bring back up any lines you like that were cut.

If there are any problems, the company is responsive and available to offer solutions through its website. You can chat with customer service or send an email. The WriterDuet website has helpful demo videos to get you started using the software and a robust FAQs section.

WriterDuet is simple and effective. The screenwriter software is made specifically for those who need to collaborate, and it updates in real time as long as you have a decent internet connection. The messaging feature makes collaboration seamless, and the company is available, helpful and supportive.

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