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Buying the Best-priced DVD Ripping Software

When you compare two similar products, you logically expect the higher-priced one to give you something more. You expect a more expensive car to be faster, sleeker or more reliable than a more affordable model. Expensive food should taste better than cheaper fare. There are definitely exceptions to this principle, but generally you can expect to get more when you pay more. However, when it comes to software, especially DVD ripping software, a higher price doesn't even nominally equate to higher quality.

Unfortunately, many DVD ripping programs available for purchase on the internet are simply not up to the level of quality that their high prices might imply. Unscrupulous developers can charge whatever they want for their product, relying on technical jargon and consumer ignorance to disguise the fact that their product doesn t function properly, is not well supported or is simply a method of stealing your credit card information. Here though, we ll provide you with basic guidelines of how much you should be paying when you re looking for the very best DVD ripping software.

Too High

Overcharging for software is a practice that is as old as the internet itself. With the vast majority of consumers unaware of the actual content provided in a given software package, it s proven all too easy for manufacturers to include unnecessary features into their final product and market them as essential to the product s proper functioning. Exorbitant pricing then allows such shady businesses to make a monstrous profit on a product that required little work to actually produce. Even less legitimate companies may actually attach higher prices to an underdeveloped product in order to make it seem more legitimate.

Don t let yourself be fooled though: generally, the best DVD ripping software should not cost more than $70. While many programs available for computers (notably video editors and graphic design programs) cost more than this, any attempt to market a DVD ripper higher than this range should be recognized as a shameless attempt at extortion.

Too Low

Just as customers need to be aware of overly inflated prices, they need to be just as wary of prices that might seem a little too tempting. Low prices are often a sign that the product itself is underdeveloped and not of high quality. Likewise, they might be an attempt at obtaining credit card information by marketing a product that doesn t even exist. Be careful about overly pushy advertisements and sales pitches. Always remember that if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.
As a general rule, the best DVD ripping software will cost more than $20. Prices any lower than that should raise a red flag.


The best DVD ripping software hovers in the range between $40 and $60. This range will likely ensure that you are paying for a product that is of high quality without being overpriced, and it's a high enough number that most scammers are unwilling to approach it for fear of scaring off the gullible. If you re in the market for a DVD ripper, remember these prices. They will serve as a fairly accurate benchmark of overall quality and help you avoid scams.

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