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Qustodio Premium Review

Qustodio lets you monitor your child’s texts and contact list as well as the photos and videos they take with their cell phone.

Our Verdict

Qustodio lets you monitor online activity and text messages as well as block apps on your child’s phone without jailbreaking or rooting the device. Though it isn’t the least expensive option, Qustodio includes more tools than cheaper programs, making it an overall good value.


  • Qustodio monitors an impressive amount of activity.


  • This program doesn’t capture keystrokes or screenshots.
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Qustodio lets you monitor your child’s texts and contact list as well as the photos and videos they take with their cell phone. It has 29 filter categories that make it easy to block specific types of web content, including pornography, gambling sites, and chat and messaging forums. You can also add specific website URLs to the program’s blacklist, including social media networks and online gaming pages. While it isn’t the cheapest cell phone parental control program we tested, Qustodio comes with several impressive features for its price, making it a good value.

This cell phone monitoring software is easy to navigate. Its colorful interface and intuitive design make it easy to find reports, view online activity and manage all devices. There is a general overview report on the parent portal dashboard as well as a cell phone tracker with a variety of charts and statistics that give you a comprehensive look at your child’s cell phone activity and break down exactly what they do online. You can see what percentage of time your child spends in each app, their browser history, and their sent and received text messages. In addition, you have access to all contacts stored on their device and can use the GPS feature to see exactly where the phone, and your child, is.

Qustodio’s panic button is our favorite feature. This tool appears as an icon on your child’s cell phone, and it connects to up to four contacts, including you. If your child is lost or in a dangerous situation, they can simply tap the icon and Qustodio will send you and the other contacts an alert that includes the phone’s current GPS location. That way, you can get to your child quickly or send help to them.

Also, Qustodio allows you to restrict when your child can use their phone, and you can place time limits on how long they can use it. You can also set time limits for specific apps and websites. For example, you can allow your child to use their phone to research information for a homework assignment but block social media access during that time. You can also allow your child to use their phone to call or text but block internet access, which is helpful when they should be in bed or concentrating at school.

While the program is easy to set up and install, it was frustrating getting it to monitor correctly on our child device. We had to keep re-entering our parent credentials for the monitored device to sync with the online portal and apply monitoring changes we made there. We could still access websites and content on the child phone that we had blocked with the internet filters and by adding URLs to the block list. However, this feature worked perfectly when we monitored a computer. The time controls and app blocking worked on the cell phone, though.

Qustodio doesn’t include screenshot logs that show you snapshots of what your child sees on their screen. In addition, it doesn’t have a keylogger to capture keystrokes. However, both of these tools are included with Mobicip, which is our pick for the best cell phone parental control software.

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