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Choosing a TV for Your RV

When looking for a TV for your RV you need to think about three things; size, power and the functions needed. You may also wonder whether a standard TV will work in your RV and how to get good TV reception in your RV.

Television Size

The best size for your RV TV depends on your preference and the space available. The largest televisions designed for RVs are around 19 inches and you can find some as small as 7 or 8 inches. Besides the screen size you will also want to consider all dimensions of the television. Since LCDs are thin, and can handle a lot of bouncing and jarring, they are popular in RVs and motor homes. If you are extremely limited on space in your RV you may want to consider a small portable TV, they offer screen sizes of just a few inches.

Television Power

Many televisions designed for RVs are 12-volt, some use standard ac/dc power, some come with an AC adaptor, others are compatible with multiple types of power and some are even EnergyStar compliant. Choose a television that is compatible with the type of power sources that work best for you. If you do not have a generator, or power is limited, you may want to consider a portable that uses batteries.

Television Functions

There are a variety of RV televisions available that are multifunctional, meaning they also include a DVD player and or a CD player. To limit the number of devices you need, you may want to consider a TV that includes a disc player, though most of these types are wider than an LCD by itself.

Will a Standard TV work in an RV?

Standard CRT type televisions may work in an RV, for a while. However, standard CRT TVs are not designed to be moved around that much and may discontinue working after too much jarring and shaking. RV TVs are built to be able to withstand quite a bit of movement.

What about TV Reception in an RV?

Though lots of RV televisions have built-in TV receivers for picking up over-the-air television, many people decide to add satellite TV to their RV or an antenna on the outside of the RV for better reception. Satellite TV systems for RVs can support popular services like DirectTV and Dish Network.

Before purchasing a TV for your RV, you will want to go into your RV and think about where you want your TV to be and where you will want to sit while watching the TV. After those two things are considered think about how much space you have available, your power needs and what functions you desire in the television. If you are not content with small screen viewing, you could always consider a projector that shoots an image on to a flat surface outside of our RV or if you have limited power and space, you could consider an handheld portable TV.

Whether you decide on an LCD, TV/DVD combo, portable or projector, you can enjoy movies, TV or music anywhere your RV can travel.

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