Pros / This software allows you to trim unwanted footage from your VHS tapes.

Cons / The converter program lacks almost all the customization features we look for in this category.

 Verdict / VHS2DVD Wizard creates adequate digital copies of your tapes, but to customize and personalize your videos, you'll need a different program.

VHS2DVD Wizard is a VHS to DVD converter that has the basic tools to convert your old tapes into a digital format and then burn them onto a blank disc. But it lacks most of the customization features we look for in this category, ranking it near the bottom of our side-by-side comparison chart.

Once you install the software and drivers, converting your tapes is relatively simple. However, the converter interface looks and feels antiquated – something like you would expect from a program created in the early 2000s. This doesn't hurt the ease of use, though. You simply connect your VCR to your computer, then select it in the Video Device tab in the configuration window. Then all you have to do is hit play on your VCR and push the record button in the Video Capture tab. The program then captures and converts the content on your tape in real time.

After your footage has been captured and converted, the software gives you the ability to trim away unwanted footage before you burn it to a DVD. However, this is the only editing option this VHS to DVD converter offers. Other programs we reviewed let you add transitions, titles, audio and even special effects to your video. If VHS2DVD Wizard included these tools, it would have ranked higher in our review of the best VHS converters.

What this VHS to DVD converter lacks in customization features, it makes up for in the quality of the conversion it produces. Our video experts examined the disc created with this software and only noted minor imperfections around the edges of the frame and a shimmer in some portions of the footage. But it’s nothing that would distract your audience as they watch the show.

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VHS2DVD Wizard is an adequate tool for converting your old tapes into a digital format. However, the lack of customization tools keep it ranked in the bottom tier of our review of the best VHS to DVD converters.

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VHS2DVD Wizard
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