Pros / The wide field of view captures many subjects in one shot.

Cons / It tends to show grain in low light.

 Verdict / The F100 boasts specifications that are competitive with the best cameras on our lineup, but it’s wide field of view means it’s somewhat more specialized than most. if you want a wide-angle look, this cam is the best choice.

The Genius WideCam F100 boasts solid image quality and a sturdy design. It’s easy to set up and can be placed directly on a desk or mounted atop a monitor. But what really makes the WideCam stand out is its field of view. As its name suggests, this PC camera offers a much wider view than most webcams can capture. This makes the WideCam a great choice for a conference room or if you’re just looking to capture a little more in your frame. Just be aware that the wide field of view creates some fish-eye distortion.

Despite not being the most feature-rich cam out there, its resolution specifications, convenient design and unique field of view are all great reasons to go with the Genius WideCam F100. Although it might not be for everyone, we found it to be a solid choice overall and gave it our Top Ten Reviews Bronze Award.

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  • Still Image Resolution
  • Cord Length
  1. The number of megapixels a camera can produce determines how large and detailed its images can be.
    More is Better.
  2. 3  Genius WideCam F100
    12.0 Megapixels
  3. 15.0 Megapixels
  4. 8.0 Megapixels
  5. Category Average
    6.57 Megapixels

Video & Audio

As far as raw specifications go, the WideCam is tied for the best resolution-framerate combination in our review. It’s one of the few webcams that shoot in 1080p while also maintaining 30 frames per second. Typically, this means that your video will look smooth, more natural and more detailed than cameras that shoot at lesser fps rates.

Although its video capabilities were decent overall, they weren’t that much better than webcams with 15 fps performance. In fact, some of those cams produced much more appealing video. The WideCam seems to struggle a bit in low light, as well, which introduced grain into the video, hurting clarity and detail.

Audio quality, on the other hand, was excellent. Though it was a little quieter than the best webcams we reviewed, voices still sounded clear and natural. Background noise wasn’t an issue with the webcam either – it seemed to do a great job of keeping hissing and other noises to a minimum.


The WideCam offers manual focusing rather than auto or fixed focusing systems. You adjust its focus by twisting the ring around the lens, which felt a little cumbersome to us in testing. Once set, however, the focus shouldn’t require much adjustment, but if you move closer or further from the lens, you’ll always have to readjust to ensure that you’re in focus.

The F100 is lacking any digital zooming capabilities and sophisticated features like face tracking. Considering that this camera is designed to offer a wider view than most webcams, it’s not surprising that digital zoom is missing. Its lack of face tracking just means that the camera won’t be quite as proficient at adjusting settings in reaction to changes in light or white balance.


The F100 has a fairly typical design with a stand that can either be used on a desk or adjusted to mount onto a monitor. The stand also allows the camera to swivel freely – left, right, up or down – giving you a little more freedom in how you position the camera. It also comes with a 5-foot USB cable as well as an extender that doubles that length should you need it. Unfortunately, however, there is no tripod mount.

Like most of our top-rated webcams, the F100 uses a glass lens cover. While the differences are small in cameras of this size, they are there, and a glass lens always looks better than plastic. In addition, it’s more durable, so you’re less likely to have to deal with scratches.

Help & Support

Genius offers good support for the WideCam F100 and gives you a one-year warranty and access to support representatives via email and phone. If you’re just looking for quick answers to simple questions, it’s not a bad idea to check out the FAQs section on the Genius website, or you can consult the manual.


The Genius WideCam F100 is a great webcam for those looking to use a webcam in the conference room or who just want to capture many subjects in one shot. It’s not as great for those looking to frame just one person per shot. It has good image quality, albeit a little grainy in low light, and a solid design overall. If the wide field of view appeals to you, the F100 is a great option.

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Specifications and Benchmarks

Help & Support

1 Year
Direct Support
User Manual
User Forum


Lens Material
Cord Length (feet)
Not Specified
Mac OS X
Not Specified


Focus Type
Digital Zoom
Noise Reduction
Face Tracking
Motion Detection

Video & Audio

Maximum Video Resolution
Maximum Video Capture Speed
30fps at 1080p
Video Quality
Audio Quality
Still Image Resolution (megapixels)