Pros / The CTRL+ALT+DEL functions are combined into one button for easy access.

Cons / Neither the mouse nor the keyboard are rechargeable and batteries aren't included.

 Verdict / This combo has the design, features and options to make owning it a necessity.

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it has been discontinued. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

Hewlett-Packard has been in the technology business long enough to know that the customer is king. This customer-oriented mentality is obvious in the design of their HP Wireless Comfort Keyboard and Mouse combo. The different features and options available with this wireless keyboard and mouse feel like HP surveyed a sample of users and combined the most-liked features into both the keyboard and the mouse. Comfort, style and function are all integrated into the product, creating a combo set usable by anyone. The HP Wireless Comfort Keyboard and Mouse combo has an ergonomic and stylish design, a spill resistant keyboard, and programmable hot keys and mouse buttons.

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Keyboard Design

Once you’ve connected the HP Wireless Comfort Keyboard and Mouse’s USB receiver to your computer, you can access documents and applications from up to 30 feet away. With that kind of wireless distance, you have the freedom in many situations not available with a normal keyboard: presentations become wireless, desktop clutter disappears and working from the comfort of your couch is possible. One-touch access to your favorite programs is also available with programmable hot keys. A line of buttons located on the top of the keyboard can be programmed to access applications, documents or even programs like the calculator or iTunes. The best part of this keyboard, in our opinion, is the all-in-one CTRL+ALT+DEL button. With this handy button you no longer have to press all three keys together with perfect timing to lock your computer or access the task manager.

Equally as impressive, the optical mouse has a high-precision sensor and as a result glides smoothly and precisely on its Teflon feet. The mouse also boasts the ability to switch into fast scroll mode while allowing you to use its four-way tilt scroll to navigate left and right. To save energy, both the mouse and the keyboard have battery level indicators and an on/off switch. If you remember to turn these products off when finished, the included AA batteries will last longer. For those of us who are forgetful, HP has included a sleep mode that the keyboard and mouse will fall into after a period of inactivity. Some users complain about the lag while the keyboard comes out of sleep mode, but we think we’d rather have a bit of lag to save on battery power.

The only keyboard feature we wish we would have seen in the product’s specs was a backlighting option. When working into the night, it is nice to have the keys backlit for viewing purposes. We were also disappointed that this keyboard and mouse combo didn’t have Bluetooth technology controlling its wireless capabilities, but not heartbroken because of the reasonable price.

Mouse Surface Accuracy

With silver trim and blue accents, the HP Wireless Keyboard and Mouse stand out from the mundane standard. Most keyboards on the market are a boring black; HP has added strips of silver to the edges of the mouse and the keyboard as well as blue-lit buttons across the top of the keyboard. The keyboard is a standard size at 18.5 inches with an estimated width of three inches. Esthetically, this wireless keyboard and optical mouse would add a touch of modern sleekness to your office space.

Ergonomics plays a huge role in the design of this wireless keyboard and mouse combo as well. The keyboard has three different positions, allowing the user to adjust accordingly. A comfy palm rest stretches across the base of the keyboard for a relaxing area to rest your wrists and the bottom half of your hands while typing. One of our favorite design features, spill-resistant keys, is specifically designed to funnel liquid off of the keyboard to prevent damage. The mouse is also comfortably designed to fit in the natural curve of your hand with cushioned sides for your thumbs and accompanying thumb controls. A scroll wheel and two programmable buttons are also built into the top of the mouse.

Mouse Design

Hewlett-Packard’s website is chock-full of helpful avenues for you to discover. Online you can download drivers for both the wireless keyboard and mouse (in case you lose the CD that comes with the set). You can also download the user manual and read FAQs. If you have a specific question that can’t be answered by these support methods, HP has a technical support line and an email support function. Unlike its competitors, HP also directs you to local service centers or HP offices near you to speak to someone directly. HP backs up their product with a one-year warranty that covers parts and labor.

To operate this wireless keyboard and mouse on your computer, you need to have a CD drive or the ability to access the internet to download drivers, and an available USB port for the wireless receiver. Also, make sure your operating system is compatible. The HP wireless keyboard and mouse combo is compatible with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 operating systems. Although only Microsoft operating systems are supported, that doesn’t mean this wireless keyboard and mouse combo won’t work with your Mac. Several Mac users report that the combo works just fine. A non-supported operating system just means that HP customer service won’t be able to help you, but doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t work with your computer.


This keyboard and mouse combo set is the perfect addition to any home office or wireless work station. Not only can it sync with your computer from up to 30 feet away, but it also has programmable keyboard and mouse buttons to completely customize the wireless keyboard and mouse set according to your preferences. Gone are the days where you had to adjust to the keyboard; the HP Wireless Comfort Keyboard and Mouse combo adjusts to you. HP has done its best to create a user-friendly, customer-oriented wireless keyboard and mouse combo, and we think they have succeeded with flying colors. If you are looking for a wireless keyboard and mouse that will be easy on your hands and simple to use, the HP Wireless Comfort Keyboard and Mouse combo is an excellent choice.

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