The Logitech Wireless Wave Combo MK550 is one of the few ergonomic wireless keyboards and mouse combos that we reviewed for this comparison. If you've never used an ergonomic keyboard before, it can take some getting used to. As you might expect from the name, the Wave Combo's keys ripple across the keyboard, with the G and H keys at the apex. The design looks a little strange at first, but after our reviewers used the keyboard extensively, it was apparent this is among the most comfortable components we tested. 

Ergonomic keyboards are not for everybody. They are designed to provide a more comfortable typing experience than a standard straight keyboard. Some ergonomic designs are simply too different for typists to get used to. The Wave Combo MK550 is a great balance between a standard keyboard and a full ergonomic keyboard. The rippling keys make your hands feel comfortable in the home position while the extended wrist rest keeps your hands relaxed, especially after extended periods of typing.

Comfort is subjective. However, a handful of our reviewers used each keyboard for an extended period of time, many of which had never used an ergonomic keyboard before. After our testing, the majority of reviewers had enjoyed using the keyboard. Many liked the responsiveness. This has to do with the hybrid mechanical/silicon key switch design. This keyboard isn't quite as soft upon key impact as other silicon keyboards, but it is more responsive than most. The keys are also concaved, which helps to keep your fingers in the right position to lessen the occurrence of typing errors. Some of our reviewers still couldn’t get used to the ergonomic design, which ultimately led to a B grade in overall comfort.

The keyboard has a number of media keys and shortcuts. There are zoom keys located on the left side. Shortcuts to open up your photo and music libraries are located on the top of the keyboard. Volume and song skip controls are located at the top center. There are also shortcuts to access the internet, email and a number of other resources.

This keyboard is not necessarily portable. In fact, it’s the longest and widest keyboard in our review. Since it takes so much space, it is difficult to pack around with you in a laptop bag or backpack.

The battery life on the keyboard is the best in our lineup. It operates on two AA batteries and can last up to three years on a single set of batteries, according to Logitech.

No other keyboard in our lineup got a perfect score on every surface we tested, including wood, laminate, glass, carpet, denim and marble. Most mice struggled with glass and marble, but the MK550 mouse displayed virtually no lagging or jumping on any surface, an impressive feat for a mouse in a combo package.

Along with being comfortable to use, this is one of the few mice with additional features such as four-way scrolling and extra clicking options just above where the thumb rests. You can use the scroll wheel to move through a page vertically, but by pressing the left or right side of the scroll wheel, you can also navigate through your content horizontally.

Many of our reviewers used the mouse for an extended time and found it is one of the more comfortable to use regardless of hand size. The Logitech wireless mouse features a high arch that allows the palm of your hand to rest comfortably while the grooves on the sides of the mouse allow your thumb and fingers to rest comfortably.

The mouse doesn't have quite as much battery life as the keyboard, but its two-year battery life is still impressive. Once you install the two AA batteries, it is reassuring to know you won't need to replace them for two years.

Logitech offers some of the best support around. The wireless keyboard and mouse combo is covered by a three-year warranty. The phone support is helpful should you want answers to immediate questions. You can also check the online FAQs section as well as email for additional support.

The Logitech Wave Combo MK550 is the best wireless keyboard and mouse combo in our lineup. The ergonomic design combined with the concaved keys and responsive keyboard keep you typing at a speedy pace with few errors. The mouse is also comfortable and can be used without any lagging or jumping on every surface we tested. If you are looking for a solid and comfortable keyboard with all the extras, this wireless combo is an excellent choice.

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