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Pros / This Plustek scanner comes with a full slate of useful connectivity and networking options.

Cons / The eScan A150 has a lackluster page scan rate that is far below competing models.

 Verdict / The Plustek eScan A150 has a mediocre scan speed, but it’s versatile and provides value as a secondary scanning and document processing machine in a small office.

Plustek doesn’t necessarily have the name recognition of many companies in the document scanner market, but its eScan A150 is an excellent value and versatile enough for small businesses.

This desktop scanner’s performance leaves a little bit to be desired – it has a listed scan rate of 15 pages per minute, and for color scans, the rate drops down to a glacial four pages per minute. This is far behind the best desktop scanners, as most, like the Brother ImageCenter, feature scan rates of more than 25 pages per minute. While it has a standard-size 50-page document feeder, it can struggle to handle the needs of large offices with multiple users or high document processing loads because of its thoroughly modest performance. Still, it has additional features like standard duplex scanning and software support for optical text recognition.

Even though its performance is weak, the eScan A150 shines in other areas. The desktop scanner features a suite of connectivity options that go head to head with those of the best document scanners on the market. Along with standards like export support for cloud storage services and email services, you can directly work with scans via Google Android or Apple iOS devices and USB storage devices. Business users can even set up the Plustek with wireless or physical network connections. Offices will benefit the most from this wide variety of connection options, since clients who need to process documents can do so through many channels.

Plustek offers a slightly lighter slate of support options for the eScan A150 than other manufacturers do for their scanners. By default, this scanner comes with a one-year warranty. Troubleshooting assistance for the machine is only available via email or a basic online documentation section.

Plustek eScan A150 Compare Quotes
  • Scan Speed
  • Length
  • Feeder Capacity
  1. The manufacturer scan rate of scanner.
    More is Better.
  2. 4  Plustek eScan
    15.0 ppm
  3. 30.0 ppm
  4. 24.0 ppm
  5. 25.0 ppm
  6. Category Average
    26.13 ppm


From the inside and outside, the Plustek eScan A150 is a document scanner with some limitations. Its full suite of connectivity and networking options make it a versatile multitasker for business users, but its lackluster scan rates are a heavy bottleneck for its performance. Still, businesses with limited, low-volume scan needs may find the Plustek a valuable addition to their office.

Plustek eScan A150 Compare Quotes

Specifications and Benchmarks


Scan Speed (ppm)
Maximum Pages in Feeder
Max Media Size (inches)
9.6 x 14
Scan Resolution (dpi)
Automatic Text Recognition


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SD Card Export
USB Import/Export


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