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Nixplay Edge 8-inch Review

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it has been discontinued.

Our Verdict

With good photo reproduction, the Nixplay Edge is a smart choice, especially if you plan to hang it on a wall.


  • This frame draws from a wide range of photo sources, including social media sites and physical storage.


  • The stand forces this frame to display at an awkward angle.
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Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it has been discontinued. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

The Nixplay Edge is a smart Wi-Fi digital photo frame that knows when you enter a room and starts displaying the most recent photos as soon as you do. It also has a sensor that knows when you leave a room so it shuts itself off. Our test photos looked very good on this frame in general, and Wi-Fi connectivity makes it easy to add to your collection from anywhere. 

Nixplay offers easy access to all of your photos, including just about any social media site you prefer in addition to SD cards, jump drives and local storage on the frame itself. The accessibility is nice, especially when some frames make you go through lots of steps to access your collection from different sources. This digital picture frame simplifies all of that. Once you set up the Nixplay app, you can send photos from your device to any frame connected to your account, anywhere in the world, including the Edge. You can also easily access your collections on Facebook, Dropbox, Instagram, Google Photos and Flickr.

With the Nixplay Edge, colors are accurately reproduced. Our test images stayed crisp, though a few photos looked slightly washed out. Our panel was impressed overall with the photo quality of this frame.

The one possible drawback to the views on this frame is due to the stand's design. The stand is not attached and not adjustable. The angle is sort of awkward because it is too close to 90 degrees. This is one of the digital photo frames that you can easily hang on the wall, though, with the predrilled hole on the back, so the viewing angle may not be an issue in that case.

Most of the connected frames involve a bit of a learning curve, and this one is no exception. It takes a little effort to set up your Nixplay account initially and connect the frame. But once that is done everything else goes pretty fast. You can connect up to five Nixplay frames to one account too and manage their displays with one login.

The unique stand design impacts usability a little because this frame is perched atop the stand instead of having a kickstand that screws into the back, the way most digital photo frames are designed. It is pretty easy to knock loose, which could lead to a fall off the side of a table or desk.

The Edge lets you set preferences for always displaying the most recent photos first, whether or not to include captions, and the ability to shuffle photos. This frame lets you display each photo for as little as five seconds or as long as 30 minutes, and that flexibility comes in handy. Other frames offer more options in that regard, though, with some letting you display each photo for up to 24 hours if you prefer.

Nixplay offers a one-year warranty on this frame and really great customer service support on all of its products. The website is laid out so you can find answers easily, but if you have other questions you will easily be able to contact customer service through email, telephone and chat.

The Edge has a few quirks, including an awkward stand, that make it less than perfect. It's very close, though, especially if you plan to hang it on a wall instead of setting it on a desk. The test photos looked great on this frame, and Nixplay makes it easy to access your photos from everywhere.