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DVD Ripping 101

What does DVD rip mean?
Rip is just slang for the copying of audio, video or other media to a hard drive. You can rip music from CDs, rip video from DVDs and Blu-ray discs. Usually, a rip converts the file type of the media being copied.

Is DVD ripping illegal?
According to the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Ac-, bypassing DRM measures on copyrighted DVDs is illegal in the United States even. Ripping copyrighted material is a crime. Ripping, editing, converting, and copying private video is completely legal.

What do I need to rip DVDs?
You’ll need a computer, DVD drive and DVD ripping software.

Can DVD ripping programs convert video formats?
Most DVD ripper software supports and convertscommon file formats.

Which file types can I convert DVD video into?
Popular video converters support AVI, MPG, MP4, DivX and WMV formats. Many video converters also handle independently developed file types, disc image files, audio files and Mac file types.

Does DVD ripping software work on Blu-ray discs?
Not all DVD rippers currently support Blu-ray discs. AnyDVD HD and DVD Cloner 6, to name just two, rip Blu-ray video files.

Do any programs rip video from old HD DVD discs?
Yes, it is possible to rip HD DVD discs with ripping software. Most programs with support for Blu-ray ripping also work for HD DVD.

Can I convert VHS to DVD?
Many video editing programs support video capture and can be configured to convert VHS to DVD <>.

Do DVD rippers allow you to burn DVDs?
Yes, most DVD ripping software also copies and burns DVDs.

What is an ISO file?
DVD rippers, DVD burners and DVD copy software often enable users to create virtual disc drives. ISO files are digital DVD images that can be used in virtual drives.

What is a VOB (Video Object) file?
VOB is the standard DVD video format you’ll find on commercially issued DVDs. VOB files contain the video, audio, subtitles and menu options on a DVD along with any other special features.

What is a DVD region code?
DVD region codes restrict where a DVD can be played. For example, a DVD purchased in China will not play in a Canadian DVD player because the DVD is tied to a different region.

How can I make a DVD region free?
Some DVD rippers allow users to modify a disc’s region code. Please note: modifying a region code is illegal in many countries. Please consult your country’s copyright laws regarding DRM.

How long does it take to rip a DVD?
With modern and updated hardware, a typical DVD rip will take anywhere from 10 – 25 minutes. Blu-ray and HD media will take up to 5 times as long.

Do DVD rippers let you remove menus and special features?
Yes, good DVD ripping software allows you to select exactly which items you wish to keep or discard.

Do DVD rippers convert video for the iPod, iPhone, Zune or other mobile device?
DVD ripping software usually supports 3GP and converts video into formats compatible with the iPhone and iPod Touch. See our reviews of DVD to iPod converters for details.

Whether you’re looking for a program to rip HD video from Blu-ray discs or to convert DVD to MP4, you’ll find details in our hands-on reviews of the leading DVD rippers on the market.

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