Pros / Water resistance and strong construction make the Capturx a pen that you can take into the elements.

Cons / Requires special paper. Not built for retail.

 Verdict / This is a great digital pen for conditions that other pens simply can't handle, but its size, price and difficulty to purchase aren't ideal for the average consumer.

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The Capturx digital pen is made by Adapx – a company that specializes in software and products that integrate information captured from audible speech, sketches and handwriting to business applications like Microsoft Excel, OneNote, SharePoint and others. Because most of Adapx's focus is on customized industry solutions for specific businesses, the Capturx digital pen doesn't compete with other digital pens on a consumer level. This means you have to purchase the pen through a customer service agent.

The Capturx digital pen works by using a camera near the pen's tip that interacts with microdots printed on paper to create a digital image of your handwriting and sketches. You must purchase these notebooks, and other accessories, through your Adapx customer service agent. However, you can print your own paper as long as you have a color laser printer that's compatible with Adobe PostScript and rated at 600dpi or better.

Capturx's electronic pen works best with Adapx's other Capturx programs. To get the most out of this digital pen, you'll have to purchase the other programs. One program allows you to create your own forms in Microsoft Excel that you can print out with the microdot Anoto pattern. When the form is filled out and the pen syncs to your computer, the information automatically fills out the Excel form, eliminating the data-entry process of re-typing all the needed information.

This transcription feature applies to any industry that requires data entry. For example, in healthcare, you'll need a physical copy and a digital copy of patient's records. Having a patient fill-out all the necessary forms with a digital pen allows you to save time and money usually spent on manually entering the information into your database.

In addition, the Capturx can survive the elements. The military uses it to fill out field journals because it can withstand heavy rainfall and freezing temperatures, making it an excellent tool for collecting data anywhere you go. However, the average user isn't going to use a digital pen for more than taking notes of business meetings and lectures. For these purposes, the Capturx falls flat because of its price, bulky size and complexity.

Despite a shaft that tapers toward the tip, writing with this electronic pen feels like you're writing with a marker instead. Hand fatigue can be an issue for extended writing. In addition, the pen is only capable of holding 50 pages and the battery, though rated to last up to ten hours, is inconsistent. The Bluetooth feature drains the battery after only a few hours on a full charge.

This electronic pen comes with add-on software to make it compatible with OneNote, and the Bluetooth allows you to sync to your mobile devices easily. You also get a large pen docking station, five replacement ink cartridges, a mini-USB cord and a tablet of Anoto's special paper. Because everything you purchase goes through a customer service agent, you'll always have someone to respond to your questions and concerns directly, though there is the risk of persistent upselling.

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Adapx's Capturx digital pen serves a broad range of industries, including healthcare, construction, military, education and more because of its tough construction and compatibility with a wide-range of data entry programs. However, the pen's size, complexity and difficulty to purchase for consumers is the primary reason the Capturx is low on our review – this is not a digital pen for the average user.

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