Pros / The pen and transceiver charge together using a single micro-USB port.

Cons / The overall accuracy in both writing and drawing is poor.

 Verdict / The convenient case makes this smart pen tempting, but we tested much more accurate pens that cost less and work better.

The Equil Smartpen 2 is one of the most well-designed smart pens that we tested. Unfortunately, the pen’s accuracy isn’t on par with the best pens we used. If you’re looking for a smart pen that can write on any paper or notepad, the IRIS Notes Air 3 costs less, is more accurate and has a longer-lasting battery.

To test for accuracy, we wrote out the Gettysburg Address with each of the digital pens on our list. The best pens we tested had zero errors on this handwriting test, but the Smartpen 2 had five errors. As a result, we gave this pen a D+ for handwriting accuracy.

In our drawing tests, the pen was even less accurate. We recorded six errors, and the overall quality was low, also. The pen had trouble with the smaller details of our drawing tests, and because of the errors and lack of detail, it scored an F on for drawing accuracy.

One of the best features about this pen is that you can charge the transceiver and the pen through a single micro-USB port built into the case. If you lose or forget the included cable, Equil’s manual states that you can charge the pen with any micro-USB cable. This smart pen advertises a battery life of eight hours.

In our setup tests, the Smartpen 2 was the slowest to get paired and ready to write. It took us over three and a half minutes to set up the pen, and we had to toggle the smartphone’s Bluetooth several times to get it to recognize the smart pen.

The pen itself is one of the lighter pens we tested and weighs 0.7 ounces, or about as much as three normal Bic pens. However, the pen is triangular and doesn’t fit well in your hand. The pen also makes a buzzing noise when it is turned on, which can quickly become annoying and could make it awkward to use in a quieter setting like a classroom.

This is one of the few pens we tested that has apps for iOS, Android, Mac and PC. The software and apps work well, and Equil even includes the ability to “cast” your notetaking online so that other people can follow along. This could be useful in a business meeting where you want to share notes with other team members in real time.

This pen has a manufacturer’s warranty of two years, the longest of the pens we tested. There is an FAQs section on the Equil website, but there are no tutorials to help you use the pen.

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The Equil Smartpen 2 is well designed and fits together in a compact, easy-to-charge package. However, the poor accuracy and the buzzing noise that emanates from the pen make it hard to recommend. If you’re looking for a pen with a transceiver to attach to any notepad or paper, we recommend the IRIS Notes Air 3, which is cheaper and more accurate.

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