Pros / It has excellent battery life, thanks to a motion-activated tracking schedule and a large battery.

Cons / It's quite large and indiscreet compared to other GPS trackers, especially trackers optimized for tracking children.

 Verdict / Because of its high-capacity battery and motion-activated tracking, the Live Trac PT-10 is excellent for tracking vehicles. However, it's too bulky and expensive to be a great GPS tracker for kids.

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it has been discontinued. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

The Live Trac PT-10 is an industrial-grade GPS tracker optimized for vehicle tracking and surveillance. It's significantly larger than any other GPS tracker we reviewed and has an extremely high two-year cost of ownership.

Most GPS trackers use a time-based location update schedule. The Live Trac PT-10 uses a smart, motion-based update schedule to save battery life. When the device is traveling over 10 mph, it updates every 10 seconds. When it is traveling at less than 10 mph, it updates every 20 feet. When it's not moving, it stops updating to save battery life. In our battery tests, this unique update schedule helped the PT-10 post an outstanding battery life of 166 hours, which was the second-best battery life of any unit we reviewed.

You can also purchase a battery extender pack from LiveView GPS to further improve the unit's battery life. You can also purchase a magnetic car attachment kit for discreet vehicle tracking.

The mobile app gives you basic functionality. You can see the device's location and metrics such as battery life and current speed, but to unlock the full functionality of the device, you'll need to log in to the web portal. In the web portal, you can customize your alerts, set zones, see your full history and more. The web portal is not very intuitive because it is so feature-laden, but the web portal functionality is as good as that of any GPS tracker we reviewed.

Despite its excellent web portal and battery life, the PT-10 suffers from several weaknesses. First, it's quite large, almost twice as large as any other tracker we reviewed. This is not a problem if you're using it to track a vehicle, but if you're trying to keep track of your child, it will have to go in their backpack.

The second weakness is its price. LiveView GPS charges over $39 per month to use the tracker, which is double the price of some of its competitors. The third weakness is its app. As we explained earlier, you have to log in to the web portal in order to set geofences and track history, which you can do inside of the smartphone apps of several other trackers.

The best part about the PT-10 is LiveView GPS' customer service. The representatives were the most knowledgeable and helpful out of any of the representatives we spoke to across several companies.

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The Live Trac PT-10 is simply too big to use to practically track your child. However, it does have exceptional battery life and excellent functionality. Despite its weaknesses, it is a highly functional, powerful GPS tracking device. If you're looking to track a vehicle, this is one of the better values on the market.

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