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Panasonic DVD players and Blu-ray players slot seamlessly into your home cinema system. The robust budget models are light on extra features but a smart choice for consumers who want affordable qualit


RCA offers a limited range of DVD and Blu-ray players that are available as part of a surround-sound home theater system or as stand-alone products. The players from RCA are comparatively basic and li


Magnavox DVD and Blu-ray players are fairly basic compared to other brands. Although these products only offer light to modest feature sets, the robust build, budget-friendly price tag and solid image


Philips DVD players are great for families, with their wide range of features, ease of use and durability. Philips DVD players are loaded with features, offering a versatile entertainment experience.


Sony offers a large selection of DVD players, with or without Blu-ray support, for any budget. Select models that are well-suited to the budget-conscious consumer play DVDs, and some also play CDs. Mi


Toshiba offer a variety of media players, ranging from basic, budget-friendly DVD players to high-end, feature-filled Blu-ray DVD players. Its budget DVD players are usually light on features but don&

Toshiba DVD Recorder

Toshiba provides only a small number of products that allow you to play your favorite VHS tapes so you don't have to transfer everything to Blu-ray or DVDs. With many of these DVD/VCR combo products,

Philips DVD/VCR Player

Philips DVD/VCR players contain all the trusted and familiar features of VCR and DVD players of days gone by, plus a few extra features to make it compatible with today's high-tech devices. With these

Magnavox DVD VCR Player

Magnavox provides DVD/VCR players with multiple input and output options, excellent sound quality and trilingual on-screen displays. The company doesn't offer a large variety of DVD/VCR combos, but th

Xbox One

The Xbox is a capable gaming console and home media server. It provides great TV integration but, like the PlayStation, has taken a step back in terms of playing local media. It is equipped to be the


Boxee's cutting edge technology is its strong point, but it has a limited selection of apps. However, the No Limits DVR feature is useful and innovative. Boxee TV is a media streaming box that opens


When it comes to home media server capabilities, the PlayStation is functional though it lacks some important features. One of its limitations as an all-in-one device is the disc drive's inability to

Audio-Technica LP60BT

The Audio-Technica LP60BT was the best performer in our conversion tests. The tone arm is fully automatic and has a great-sounding Audio-Technica cartridge attached to the fixed headshell. The high nu

Stanton T.55 USB

The Stanton T.55 USB is a good-looking USB turntable that has a metallic black tabletop with a gray outer edge and gray controls. It comes with a counter weight for the tone arm to help keep the

Stanton T.92

The Stanton T.92 is similar to the Stanton T.55 USB unit in look, but it is slightly more expensive – and for good reason. It has everything the Stanton T.55 USB turntable does plus a reverse bu

Audio-Technica LP120

The Audio-Technica LP120 is one of the most impressive turntables that we reviewed. It plays 33, 45 and 78 rpm records; it also features reverse playback capability and pitch adjustment. This unit cre

Aluratek 10 Inch ADMPF310F

The Aluratek ADMPF310F digital photo frame has limited video file compatibility, but it does a good job of playing music and photo slideshows. It is also one of the least expensive units we tested whi

Logitech Harmony 650

Logitech makes several more expensive universal remotes, but the Harmony 650 has a more reasonable price point under $100 and is still the perfect remote for anybody who loves technology. Like the&nb

Yamaha NS

The Yamaha NS-B210 bookshelf speaker is heir to a rich heritage of great audio speakers. From an array of terrific floor standing speakers through the small but mighty Yamaha NS-10 and NS-10Ms that ha

BIC America

BIC America isn’t a name that comes immediately to mind when thinking of top speaker manufacturers. Nonetheless, they make a number of pretty impressive devices that will deliver well for many consume

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