Pros / The included microphones make it easy to sing and add voice effects.

Cons / It doesn’t have a built-in monitor or speakers.

 Verdict / The Magic Sing ET23KH is a wonderful karaoke machine packed with thousands of tunes, if you don’t mind connecting it to speakers and a TV.

The Magic Sing ET23KH karaoke machine offers HD video and the option to record your best performances. It comes with thousands of built-in songs and has a USB port through which you can access additional songs. A remote control, song book and carrying case means simple transport and setup so you can start singing right away, if you provide speakers and a screen.

Included with the Magic Sing are 2,100 built-in English songs to get you started, something the Memorex SingStand 2 lacks. Searching for a song is easy with the alphanumeric number pad located on each microphone, and you can quickly look up a song by its artist or title. This portable karaoke player lets you queue up to 100 songs at a time, so your party never has to stop.

If you want to enjoy a larger selection of songs, simply plug in an additional karaoke song chip or a USB storage device to which you have loaded songs. The karaoke player will then load those songs and you can select them from the on-screen menu.

While singing, you can enjoy the included HD background photos, or opt to download and use your own photos or videos to customize your experience. Unlike most karaoke machines, this Magic Sing model also has a melody guide that displays on your connected screen for each of its songs, so you can see upcoming notes. The on-screen menu options let you change the background, change the song key and tempo, turn on the musical note display or adjust the backup vocals.

This Magic Sing comes with two wireless microphones that have navigational controls on the front. From these, you can choose a song, add vocal enhancements, adjust the volume, stop and start a song or record a song. The system’s included remote control offers more options and features than the microphones do. Both the microphones and the remote let you make adjustments before, during and after songs so you have full control over your performance.

The USB port on the console base allows you to connect a laptop. The adjacent HDMI port allows you to connect to a high-definition display, and a switch on the console base lets you toggle between standard and HDTV outputs. The system gives you the option to connect a monitor with an RCA cable. You can also easily record and save your best performances to a USB drive.

The small console base gives you two options to store your microphones. You can store and charge them vertically or rest them horizontally on each side of the console between songs. The included carryall case lets you store or transport your machine and all of its accessories safely.

The Magic Sing ET23KH karaoke machine has a full array of features and accessories to help make the most of your performances. Over 2,000 built-in songs and two wireless microphones make it easy to start singing right away, though you have to provide the speakers and the monitor. Its small size and included accessories make it easy to transport and set up, so you don’t have to wait to get your karaoke party started.

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